Langleys Down Under Blog

We're a family of 5 who moved from the UK to Australia and are now exploring this amazing country.


We are Rosaleen and Jamie Langley, married 11 years with 2 children, Abi (10 years), Jack (8 years) and Zachary (5 years). Christmas 2009 we ventured back to Port Fairy, Australia to introduce our son to his grandparents and catch up with Jamie’s family and somehow during those 6 weeks made the decision that is was now time to move down under. We got home in the first week of February and by mid March our house was rented, the contents on the way to Australia – with Jamie, although he travelled by plane rather than ship and the kids and I had decamped to my parents house in Wimbledon to cause completely uproar until it was time for us to go.

It’s now September 2010 and we’re 2 weeks away from that plane journey. So this blog is an attempt to keep track of our big move, keep you up to date with everything that happens to us – how many plates I throw at Jamie when he returns home from drinking at the star with his Father for the 3rd night running!

But seriously I am terrified, bouncing between being really excited and completely teary and depressed, and at the same time very hopeful that everything I imagine this move will be will actually come true.

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