Since I hit Australian shores it’s been a bit of a family overload. I’ve watched the boys kick boards in 2 at Taekwondo, win basketball games, practise their rainbow arms in swimming. Then the best bit of all I got to coach Abi’s little team in a basketball hoop day. I loved it! Spent the afternoon screaming encouragement and desperately trying to remember the rules to basketball. So much fun and the girls and guy played their hearts out.

They finished their last game and we were out of there like lightening heading for Chris and Robbie’s house. Jamie, Chris and Jack were heading to a bombers game. Jack had been waiting all week for it. I turfed the kids into bed and caught up with Robbie.


The next day we headed to Jess and Luke’s place in Bacchus Marsh (Jamie’s cousin). Jamie’s other cousin, Zachary, got married at Christmas and we were having a belated celebration. So we decided the van should get a rare trip out during the winter. What could possibly go wrong??

It was a fun night; the music pumped, the pizza and drink flowed and the kids ran riot. Gotta love this family!

And then it began to rain and we quickly realised that the dirt outside was in fact more like clay. Which means every time you stepped on it you grew an inch and that stuff does not come off. The next morning the poor dog took her morning wee and then spent 5 minutes trying to shake her paws clean. She gave up and reluctantly settled on her bed outside rather than snug back inside.

I finally managed to lever Jamie a little worse for wear out of bed and poured some coffee and cake into him. It was double choc mud cake so really how could you not?? We struggled home, all a little tired and sore headed. Everything went in the wash, shoes included! Note to self never park on clay again. Took Jamie most of the week to clean the van and get it packed back up.

The kids had a blast at book week, we had a Mad Hatter and Clifford the big red Dog –  charity shops rule in these moments! Zachary went back for another Mohawk cut, this time even longer. We spend a fortune in hair spray and gel in this family!

A few weeks later we hit the road again this time for Queenscliff and Robbie’s Dad place. With 7 bedrooms it’s one of the few places we can fit and has the most gorgeous sea views. We arrived down in time for a pub dinner (and a little bit of birthday celebration for my gorgeous niece Milly). A crazily loud way to start the weekend – pretty sure we encouraged a few people to eat fast and move on! 7 Adults and 10 kids parked next to you will do that I guess.


The next day we spent a lazy morning indoors, just what I needed after Zachary decided to squeeze into bed at 3am. After owning a Super King bed, a double just does not cut it. But kids are like dogs, they all needed some fresh air and a bit of a run to burn off the energy. So we headed out for lunch and then the park. Unfortunately I think Zachary maybe spent too long on the whizzy round swing because half way home he was dry retching out the window and crashed into bed when we got home for a 2 hr power nap.


We had a yummy roast dinner and I managed to persuade Zachary not to come into bed until 6am – win for me and finished the weekend with a family lunch before hitting the road. Jamie was still recovering a bit, so I actually had to drive for once while he power napped –  how rude!

The madness is set to continue with us spending almost every other weekend in Melbourne with Abi’s final 2 gym comps and birthday celebrations. The days are getting longer, 2 of my chickens are sitting on eggs and the sun has definitely got his hat so. So here’s hoping Spring is finally going to make an entrance.