Happy Easter my lovely peeps! We finished the term – and what feels like summer – with a goodbye BBQ for Charlotte and Leone and Chisato, the kids played, ate and played more. Finally bribed into a group with the promise of lollies (which we didn’t have).

I am almost at the end of the Easter holidays, which I have both loved and loathed in equal measure. I am not entirely sure how we are going to cope for 6 months living in a 4 wheel drive and camper trailer as the kids can’t seem to cope in a house with each other! Despite the tantrums and fights, it’s been a fun holiday. We’ve test run the projector we’ll be taking away with us! And had a few sleepovers – sometimes just with each other – and the dog!


And I dragged Jamie to see the Dixie Chicks….that’s love for you!


On the first weekend we headed up to Melbourne for the day using Jamie’s MCG membership to watch the kids first Aussie rules football match. Up at 7am and on the road – pretty good for us! Unfortunately when we hit Melbourne we realised there was a massive fun run on, right through our route. So the last 5km took us over an hour! But we made it, despite the rain and the long walk the kids were excited to arrive and explore. It was a special kids day at the football so even though we arrived 4hrs before kick off we managed to fill the time with lots of games, meeting the Essendon (Jamie’s Team) mascot and having a yummy lunch, outside but hiding from the rain under giant umbrellas.


They made us climb to the very top of the seats and even tried to persuade us that it was the perfect place to watch the match from… Jamie and I strongly disagreed. It took me twice as long to get down, every time I moved a step I had to unpeel my fingers from the chair behind!


The match was actually pretty good, sitting amongst everyone, trying to figure out what was happening. We lost Zachary after the first quarter to a nap! Apparently it was all too much for him. Then we actually lost Jack, he went to the loo with Abi and after 10 minutes I went looking and found Abi wandering up and down different stairs trying to work out where we were sitting! I sent her back and then found 2 very nice helpers in orange who put out a security search for Jack. Although probably didn’t need it in the end – he was apparently just in the loo!

We also test run the jackets we bought for the the kids to take away. Jack gives a good example of how he will be rugged up while we venture through the middle of Australia!

Now time is slipping away, and we are only 4 weeks or so from taking off on our adventure. Jamie and I are trying to make sure everything is fixed up and ready for when the house sitters arrive. One of the things we have been doing is getting the cows artificially inseminated. The guys came over to give them a quick jab to bring them into heat, and then stuck some stickers on them. Apparently when they go blue it means the cow is in heat – I was super impressed that the sticker could show the chemical changes of the cow. But apparently it is just a sticker and it goes blue when the other cows try to hump the cow in heat – so rubbing the sticker blue or off completely!


So we have 2 cows in heat and hopefully in calf, the other 2 get rejabbed next week and then hopefully will be in calf too. We’ll go 21 days and slap another sticker on, and all going well this one will not go blue and we’ll assume she’s in calf. Otherwise you can ultrasound them after 3 months, but our cows are cranky at the best of times so not sure how well that will work.


Easter finished our holidays off. It was a quiet weekend until the Easter Bunny came to visit. He left the kids some eggs, and best of all, a riddle hunt to find more! I’m not sure who had more fun, but the kids loved figuring out the clues and running about the house and garden finding hiding places and the next clue.


After our chocolate breakfast we headed to the motel to meet Linda and Peter, as well as Emma and Liam and have some cousin egg hunting fun.


Tomorrow is back to school and the last day of the holidays has been warm and sunny. We visited Yambuk slide and all had a go. I managed to lose my cupboard and half my skirt on the first trip, almost managed to slide burn my thigh slightly! Apparently I need more practise! So I went up a few times until I got the hand of it. Zachary even agreed to have a go with me, until about a second before we took off when he grabbed the sides for dear life and I hand to yank his arm off before he lost it. I think we both screamed most of the way down!

Perfect way to end the holidays, got the slow cooker pumping out yummy smells, the kids making their lunches for tomorrow and the sun slowly setting. Bliss.