A basket of baby chicks, best way to start a post!
The summer holidays are almost over, far too quickly. But I can quickly point out to the kids that they only have school for a term before we are packing up and hitting the road. It’s been so nice having lovely long weeks of nothing, so of course we packed them full of things. Every summer holidays the Moyneyana Festival runs full to the brim with things for the kids to do. We had free days of funfair rides, music on the green, arts and craft, pet days. It’s great to be able to wander down when the kids are getting snippy and sit in the sunshine while they run the crazy out of themselves.

Dad has been busy hacking things down around the house, putting batteries in countless toys and spoiling the kids rotten. Olly left in early Jan, back to work, and we spend the day in Geelong playing in the sunshine, eating fish and chips and checking out the Horrible Histories exhibition on the Wool Museum – slightly random but lots of fun!

We had 2 insanely hot days as per usual every Jan. So on the second 40 plus day we hit the pubs for some music and food. Not much else you can do in that kind of weather, and don’t bother thinking the kids will go to bed anytime before 10pm at best! That’ll teach me to complain about it raining.

Nothing says fun like hanging out on a big cannon.

Zachary and his cousin Rosie let me take them up to Melbourne for a day trip to see Room on a Broom. Although let’s be honest I could have just driven around in circles while feeding them and letting them watch movies, briefly stopped at a park and then headed home and they probably would have been just as happy! But it was a fun day, topped with a visit to see Fantastic Beasts at the local cinema with Jamie.

Family fun days!

Final weekend spent with giant ants at the Art Gallery green – what do you mean you’ve never done that, goodness gracious me who doesn’t spend the odd afternoon with a giant ant! And bouncy fun, not sure Jack was enjoying himself. Every time they bounced him he winced and said ouch but refused to get off.

Big news of the the moment is Jamie has started training me at Langleys. Forgotten how much I enjoy working despite having brain melt in the first few days. Apparently cursing Facebook and etsy is not enough training for working in holiday rental. Just doing 2 days a week at the moment while my lovely Father watches the kids. Watch this space to see whether Jamie and I kill each other or somehow make his work! Xxxx