Happy 2017!

Cannot believe the long awaited year has finally arrived. Now it is really a count down to our great big adventure. But until then life will run along as usual. The end of 2016 was more of flood than a gentle stroll but what else do you expect at the end of the school year?


After our crazy weekend in the Rocklands we finished the last few weeks of school with a gymnastics party, a swimming carnival and  Olly’s long awaited arrival before running into the heady madness that is Christmas.

This year we decided on an early family Christmas morning so the drunkenness was kept to a minimum and the kids’ heads didn’t implode at having to wait to open presents. It was the usual mad rush but then it wouldn’t be Christmas if Jamie didn’t lose his bits at least once.

Abi got herself a brand new room, which she is nuts about. The only downside is I think she and Jack miss each other – they lasted 2 days before he went for a sleepover. My downside is she blares her radio and keeps the door shut so no matter how loud I shout she doesn’t hear me –  little sneak preview to the teenage years!

Jack was given a basketball net to practise his shooting. He’s currently on 17 in a row, and plus point I don’t have to listen to him bounce a ball around the house non stop for hours. Zachary is happily stuck in a corner playing paw patrol vs Octonauts. They are so much easier to buy for when they are little. But it was lovely day, so lucky we have lots of people to share it with.

Christmas slid into New Year. We went to see the Port Fairy Parade – the kids loved the Shark float (so did I).


Then a few friends came back to ours for cocktails, crazy dancing and trampoline performances. There was an ample supply of Mojitos and Jagerbombs….

Zachary just made the New Year before turning into a zombie. We snuck down to his bedroom and I persuaded him into bed by claiming I wanted a lovely snuggle and of course he could get up once we were done. He’s lucky I got up after 2 minutes really!

The kids even made 1am, mostly because it’s like trying to herd cats. Once you get a one in and turn around to get more the first one is out and scoffing marshmallows.

Now we are a few days into 2017 and I am lounging on my bed after a hard day watching the kids learn to surf. The last day was the best, with the sun finally emerging.

They had a 3 days, 2 hr per day, course they joined. Abi did it last year so she just tagged off with another girl and disappeared into the great blue yonder leaving me having heart failure on the shore as I could only just see her between waves. Jack did great, despite occasionally emerging shivering. He’s now asking for a wet suit and surf board so Jamie can take them down in the morning before work for some practice.

Zachary has decided Devon is not so bad and spent the morning building an epic sandcastle and running in and out of the surf. Exactly how summer holidays should be spent. Now I am going to have a nap xxxx