It has arrived!!! Be still my heart our beautiful Jayco has finally made it home. I promptly banned the kids from it, in fact they are not even allowed to look at it. I need to revel in its beauty for a while before they trash it. Dad arrived just as the Jayco made its appearance, and Jamie had a week to get ready for our yearly camping trip. He went into full on panic mode which meant everything went totally wrong and he finally accepted that he should just sit back and enjoy it instead.

So we headed out with 6 other families to the Rocklands Reservoir for a weekend of camping, marshmallows, swimming and one large goanna. Better yet it was mine and Zachary’s birthdays so we were utterly spoilt – or rather I was. Zachary pointed out to me when I said Happy Birthday that if it was really his birthday then someone would have given him a present. I felt like the world’s worst mother. Lucky for me Danny and Ginny swept in and gave him a little truck – made everything better.

It was a brilliant weekend. The kids spent almost all of it on the water, in a boat, being dragged around on a biscuit behind a boat. Swimming out to trees and giving me heart failure as I watched nervously from the shore, and practising their kayak skills.

They are all brown little mites now – with the odd red patch, I definitely missed some back bits! But what could be better than hanging out with great people, letting the kids run wild and sitting back watching the stars at night. Bliss.

Sunday came around too fast, although consider how desperately I was in need of a shower probably not fast enough. I think we definitely need more practise at setting up and packing up – good excuse for more trips away. And I have a long list of things I need to add in and things I need to add out.

Now we are on the run to Christmas. I have a few sneaky creations in place for Abi and Jack, I will reveal all after Christmas! Just need to get through one more week of school, and considering I think we are all running on empty it might be a push. Jack has already crashed out for a few days, think I might have to step up in the mothering department and make sure they get to bed at a reasonable time for this week.

Final bit of news, our first lambs headed to the big paddock in the sky today. I am attempting not to think too much about it because this was the whole reason we got them. I’ll see how I feel when I am roasting up on our very own home-grown lamb!