Everyone loves a summer holiday. I am writing this sitting in our little cabin, air conditioning pumping and the kids have just disappeared off with Jamie to the pool – a little relief from the 35 degree heat – Bliss! This week has been a long time coming.

Abi is now 9, and I am guessing most of you will have seen my Facebook post with her little trip to High Tea. Completely spoiling my eldest but as I pointed out to Jamie next year she’ll be lucky if we remember! Dad came over for her birthday this year, she guilt tripped him with a sad face over Skype by declaring that he is always here for Jack’s birthday but never for hers. I am pretty sure that is complete rubbish but he fell for it as all Grandpas are meant to do and arranged his flight around her birthday. And while he was here we put him to work on the face. He cuddled alpacas while Jamie chopped their nails…..

We finished Abi’s birthday with a sleepover, lots of squealing girls penned into rumpus room for the evening and night.They watched Parent Trap and Ace Venture, ate sweets and pizza, finished off with a chocolate mud cake birthday cake and ice cream. We just let them run riot until about 1am when I used my stern parent voice to demand they finally shut up and go to sleep. Despite the late night, with no curtains they were all up before 6am. Jamie and I stuck our heads under pillows and tried to pretend it wasn’t happening! Nothing better than handing over sleep deprived and sugar filled children to someone else.

Jamie and Chris have their birthdays in October just days part so we spent a family weekend hanging out and celebrating. It’s fun watching the cousins run riot together and seeing all their little personalities slowing growing. A lovely warm day amongst what has been a pretty crappy spring so far. We even got wild ducks living in the paddocks for a while they were so full of water. Plus side it will mean there will be a lot of food for a while. And hopefully lovely fat lambs already for the Christmas table – shhhh don’t tell Zachary!

Abi went on her first school camp to the Grampians, 2 nights and 3 days. I spent most of that endless checking Facebook and zooming in on pictures the school posted to check on her. She is growing up too fast so it was nice to get her home and clamber into bed for cuddles. Still not too big for that. And I am not ready for my little first born to be anything less than my little girl tucked up at home. Less fun was going through her clothes, most of which I don’t think had been worn but all of which had to be washed. Small children smell after spending 3 days in the bush, I feel for those poor teachers on the bus ride home!

I finally finished my second photo course. Lots of fun, although now I take lots of very artistic photos I do nothing with! Hopefully it will all come in use when we head on our trip next year until then the kids have to put up with endless requests for photo posing from their mother.

We finished the month with Jack’s birthday. He invited some friends to go bowling. Most of them gave up half way through the second game, so I got to practice a lot! Best bit for Zachary was when he won 600 tokens on the arcade games at the end of the day. Which meant Jamie had to spend half an hour with our three plus Martha and Lawson while they all decided what to buy.

As is tradition we finished his birthday off trick or treating around Port Fairy. I still have a mound of sweets and chocolates sitting on my kitchen table almost a month later – good test of resistance – which is apparently in need of some work.

Now we are spending a few days up in Echuca enjoying family time and sunshine – at least until tomorrow when a thunderstorm arrives to screw with my plans. So I am heading out to the pool to enjoy it while I can. xxxx