The house is weirdly quiet without Dad in it. Not that Zachary has realised. He waved Dad off on the train, they all ran down the platform to stand at the end as he shot by. But today as Jamie hops out of Dad’s car to reverse his for me, I carry Zachary into the house and he glances over my shoulder and says ‘Why has Baba stopped?’. Completely oblivious!

It was lovely having him here, not sure whether I would have survived ferrying the kids to their million and one things without him. Or got half my jobs done. I’ll have to have a strict schedule from now on to get through I think. Plus point is that the busy season is almost done and hopefully Jamie is around for some late pick ups – Abi’s gym classes don’t finish till 7/7:30 which is insane when I am trying to persuade 2 little boys into bed.

Dad helped us out collecting wood, which was a fun Saturday spent photographing the children and being completely unhelpful to Jamie and Dad. And can only be done since Dad is around!

Then last weekend we went to Melbourne to celebrate Robbie’s birthday (sister-in-law), Izzy’s 3rd and Eloise’s 1st (nieces). It was fun weekend with the resident facepainter getting some practise in. Jack’s request was a tiger with a mouth so that when he opened his mouth it looked like a double mouth. The kids had to try out all of Izzy’s presents before hand – here you see the famous Abi cat and Jack monkey making an appearance!

I got more cuddles with the gorgeous Lucy – because living down the road is obviously just not close enough!


Our final day with Dad was spent at Werribee Zoo. Which was amazing, a gorgeous hot day and filled with fun. The kids found a giant gorilla and decided to demand a long line of photos. The highlights are nose picking, strong Abi and playing rock, paper, scissors!

Half way around the walk we found the monkeys and next door is some ropes for little monkeys to play on. Beside that was a big wooden box to climb on and when you did you would trigger monkey sounds. Zachary was completely sure there were monkeys in the box. We strung him along for a bit before telling him it was a recording. He did not believe a word we said, so we gave up trying to persuade him and left him desperately trying to peer into the box and see the monkeys. He gave it a good 5 minutes before reluctantly giving up – still completely sure there were a load of monkeys in the box!

Final part of the day was the last safari tour of the day. And probably the best bit. All the animals were waiting to be fed so we got right up close. The giraffes whirled their heads and apparently call out to the keepers for food but not on a level we can hear. Since they only do it in the late afternoon when the keepers are coming to feed them from their point of view it works perfectly! We finished with the rhinos, at which point Zachary hit a wall and fell asleep against the metal bar holding him in the bus. A quick 10 minute nap and he was bouncing off the walls for the 2.5 hr drive home!

So now we are down to a 5 person family again, and I have made Jamie a schedule for when he is needed. Now to make it through the next 10 weeks of term!