Rather depressingly I have realised we are a mere 2 days from the end of the summer holidays, in fact I think I am more depressed than the kids who are innocently oblivious to it all. So the end of summer means I should probably update the blog, after all it’s been months. Months of beach time, taking naps and not getting dressed all day. Utter bliss.


Before the end of term we said goodbye to the Edwards Family, had a last fish and chips on the beach before they flew to Dubai. Although chatting on facebook makes it feel like they are around the corner.


Jamie got his gun license, and the kids have been taking shots on the air rifle. Abi’s competitive spirit kicked in and she determinedly kept shooting til she got the best of the 3. Probably not too hard considering she is the eldest!

Olly spent Christmas with us and we headed off camping – Jamie got to use his boat at long last. So the kids got to spend the afternoon being dragged around the Rocklands Reservoire, which they both loved and hated!

It was a roasting hot weekend so it was bliss to be near the water, although it did mean packing up on Sunday was horrible in the heat, although Jamie, Dad and Olly did most of it. I pretty much just handed out melted ice lollies to small children.

We celebrated Zachary’s 3rd birthday with his little friends and cousins. He LOVES presents – they are apparently an amazing invention and he regularly asks when his next birthday is!


We also took a trip to Halls Gap Zoo on the anniversary of Mum’s death. We took the kids out of school and took off, better way to spend the day and then sitting around. She would have approved I think.

Then the end of term came roaring through with Abi’s ballet concert – cue a ridiculously proud mother! My amazing firefly! She loved it, although after the first night I think she was slightly thrown by the amount of people in the theatre. Then her final gymnastic concert, then finally the end of term.

As a special treat for the kids at the end of the year, I took Abi and Jack individually up to Melbourne. Abi and I headed off to see Cats at the theatre. I have now spent the last month listening to Mr Mistoffles and Rum Tum Tiger on repeat! But it was lots of fun, we hit the christmas shops and windows and then caught the last train home. It was exhausting but Abi loved it, quality time with Mummy.

Jack on the other hand spent most of the day wishing Abi was with him, apparently quality time with Mummy is only good for short periods! So 2 days later I was back on a train with Jack heading to Melbourne for another turn. We went to the Vic Market which gave Jack complete anxiety as he was desperate to buy something and terrified he would miss something amazing! I managed to persuade him away from an animated gangam style figure. Then he helped create some art on the way to the Melbourne Museum. We spent most of the day exploring and playing before dropping a small fortune in the gift shop! Then we trekked to the Myer Christmas windows as a last stop before collapsing onto the train. I have never felt more tired, and the next day my legs ached!

We had the usual crazy Christmas at ours, and poor Zachary spent the day with tonsillitis, so in between sleeping and running a temp he cried about opening presents and playing with lego. I cannot imagine anything worse than feeling too sick to open presents but desperate to. He was kind enough to spread it through the family over the next few weeks. Such a lovely sharer my boy!

After Christmas and a crazy New Year at ours, we fell into the summer holidays, beach time, friends, PJs all day. Another sad goodbye to the lovely Quirke family. Dom is abandoning me to create a better life for her beautiful family – so rude! We all came to wave them off and then chatted on Facebook a few hours later – got to love social media!

This summer has gone entirely too fast, tomorrow we spend our last day on the beach before back to school on Thursday. Abi wants to practise her newly learnt surfing skills. I am both quite excited at not having to listen to the squabbling and fighting that seems to be appearing and sad that there will not be any more long lazy PJ days for a while. But here’s to 2016, hopefully full of fun, adventures and lots of PJ days!!