Well it’s been a crazy couple of months and I feel like I have a small breather before it all goes mental again. My gorgeous little girl has turned 8, I have no idea how this happen and it is terrifying how fast the years are moving. Since Abi and Jack are only a month apart and they both wanted a pool party we figured if you are going to have a pool party you might as well make it one to remember!




So on Abi’s real birthday she choose to go bowling followed by pizza at BoJangles. The kids loved it, Zachary had a great time and even managed a strike! In the end Jamie won, Abi won out of the kids, the boys beat the girls – although if you exclude Zachary we beat the boys which is how Abi and I saw it! We ate pizza and tucked the kids into bed all ready for the next day.



The celebrations kept on going and on Tuesday morning Nana and Pop arrived at the bright and early hour of 5:30am to collect 2 very excited kids for a trip to the big Smoke to see the Science Museum. They didn’t home until almost 11:30pm and I am not sure who was more tired, the kids or the adults! All the next day they talked about how awesome (their word) it was, think this might be the start of a new birthday tradition.




IMG_1628 2

In between the kids’s birthdays we celebrated our god-daughter and niece’s christening day. Little Eloise and the family came down to Port Fairy and stayed with us for a long weekend. So the kids got to run riot and have fun together while the adults got a break. We even managed a High Tea – there should always be time for High Tea. It was a great weekend, completely exhausting but so much fun.




IMG_1672 2IMG_1636

Then the next weekend was the kids pool party. Jamie stepped up to the plate and threw himself into the pool party like a pro, and Mark got jumped on by my son and generally bashed about by small children – thanks Mark! It was a blast, the kids ate everything in sight and had the best time. Thank you to all the little people who came, my kids had an amazing time and you can’t ask for anything more. Better yet I got to chuck everything in the car at the end of it and go home to a clean (relatively clean that is) house and collapse. Which is exactly what Jack and I did. Jamie was distinctly unimpressed with our inability to get out of bed!





Abi got her Ballet exam results – Honours – ridiculously over excited mother, you would think she had been accepted to Sadler’s Wells!


Then we geared up for a weekend of Camping in the Rocklands. Upon arrival I discovered I had forgotten – towels, tea towels, sleeping bag for Zachary and various other things. Plus I had left washing up liquid in a box with food items, most of which now have a weird soapy after taste.


The first night was freezing so we ended up with 2 in bed with us – bed socks and warmer pjs required in future. Obviously there are lessons to be learnt! The Dumesney crew joined us for the weekend. The kids spent it “fishing”, playing with the neighbours puppy, roasting marshmallows and getting dirty.



Nothing better than sitting around a campfire roasting giant marshmallows and playing with sparklers. Although it was quite nice to go home and have a shower at the end of it!




IMG_7498My Dad arrived last Thursday and has settled in as if he was never away. The kids are ecstatic to have him back and Zachary is his new shadow! He was just in time for Jack’s 6th birthday. We spent the morning at Inflatable World and left with very sweaty children.




Jack got to do one of his favourite things – spend money in a toy shop – although surprisingly enough he backed out at breaking his brand new $50 note. Think it’ll have to be something he really wants to do that! This evening we headed to the Zombie Shuffle in Port Fairy, the kids looked hideous but had lots of fun. Then a quick trip around a few streets to Trick or Treat – or Brain or Treat if you are newly 6 and having a whale of a time!



Now everyone is in bed and I am ready for a break. So Jamie and I are heading to Melbourne on Monday to see Fleetwood Mac – his birthday treat – and possibly I will get a night without some small monkey waking me up!

Oh before I forget Jack has been taught a new trick on the bus journey home from school. It involved licking your hands and then blowing on them to make farting sounds. This is all I have heard for the last 2 days!