My eldest niece, Millicent, has just celebrated her 4th birthday. Which if course means the only place to be was Melbourne celebrating and causing chaos. So we piled the kids into the car, added an extra from Emma and Liam, because really what’s one more when you have 3??





We descended on Mont Albert and caused 3 days of chaos and noise. It was so much fun. The kids ran riot around the house, played Doctors, did puzzles and had a great time. The first night was less of a good one, everyone seemed to be up at all hours. Robbie and I spent way too much time awake that night.



So new plan for Saturday. We piled into the car and heading to the local soft play with 5 kids, stuffed them with chips and chicken nuggets, and watched then charge about for 2 hours. I figured this would be enough, burn off some energy and then go home and have a quiet afternoon, maybe watch a movie while the adults recovered. Apparently the kids did not get the memo, and instead returned home to more craziness and running about like loopy loos.



Plus side the next night was better and all this craziness makes for good entertainment for little Eloise. So the party day dawned. Chris and Robbie filled the house with helium balloons, which within half an hour ended up hidden in cupboards and piled outside my bedroom door. The table was littered with food, so of course surrounded by small children. They began eating and did not stop, in fact they did not stop until we had been on the road later than night. I don’t know how people so small consume so much. It’s insane, but might explain the non stop running and playing that followed.






They played pin the tail on the donkey – slight cheating from the smaller members of the group! Then we moved onto pass the parcel – Zachary was not impressed about not being able to open the present each time it was passed to him. We opened presents, ate birthday cake and generally celebrated. But it was pretty clear everyone was reaching the limit for fun, actually mostly me. I was in desperate need of a nap and some quiet time.


We piled back into the car and made the 4 hour trip via Dunked to return little Rosie before stuffing my kids into bed and collapsing in front of 60 minutes.


It was a crazy weekend, moving into a busy week. We finished the week with Abi’s ballet exam, slamming my hand in a car door and Jamie heading off to Melbourne for Father’s Day weekend with his Dad. I on the other hand enjoyed a Saturday mostly in my PJs. I love visiting but there is something about sitting in bed in your PJs at 11am and watching back to back Grimm episodes.