So my 2 weeks of freedom finally rolled around and before I knew it I was sitting on the 5:50pm to Melbourne having left behind 2 sobbing children and 1 merrily waving one. I caught the 2:45am flight to Melbourne, holding my eyelids open with toothpicks. Then promptly couldn’t sleep for the first 7 hours of the flight, instead I enjoyed watching movies from start to finish! Look at me, lady of leisure living it up 🙂

I arrived to rain, huzzah, hello England! Dad fed me and put a very jet lagged child to bed. Funny how I return home and turn back into a 12 year old. I woke up at 5am but forced myself not to get up. I gave up at 7am, first morning without children and I am still up at 7am. I had a serious talk with myself after breakfast for letting the team down!

So after breakfast, I got dressed and went to see what the plan was. Dad was lazily pursuing the paper and informed me that that was the day’s plan. Reading. Ohhhh what a joy, to do nothing but sit and read with the rain pouring down outside. The next 2 days were a flashback to another time. I read 3 books. 3!! I cannot remember the last time I read 3 books in a month let alone 2 days.



Sunday rolled around and my gorgeous God-daughter Jessica had her special christening day. It rained, and all I brought with me was summer dresses but hey ho! It was a beautiful day and fantastic to catch up with lots of lovely friends.



I moved in with my beautiful Miss Claire, her lovely husband and the utterly gorgeous Jessie-Belle. I am a little besotted. She has the most gorgeously squishy cheeks. And is always happy, I think need lessons. It was a giggly filled 3 days during which I took way too many selfies!





I spent the rest of the week hopping around London, visiting friends, cuddling babies and enjoying leaving a house with taking half of it with me.





I spent the final few days with Dad reading and pottering around the house, took a trip to Arundel Castle and enjoyed some quality time with Netflix.


Before I knew it I was back at Gatwick hopping the flight home. It is nice to be home but I do kind of miss sleeping through the night and waking when I want to rather than when 3 small people slide into bed beside me – usually with their icy cold feet on my legs.