So we are a mere week away from holidays and it can’t come quick enough for me. Everyone is sick and tired and it’s pouring with rain. Blah to the lot of it. So while stuck to Zachary’s side in bed – I have watched a never ending supple of Bananas in PJs and Peter Rabbit, with Peppa Pig and Bing thrown in to shake things up. I much prefer it when the older ones are sick and I can watch things I actually want to watch with them. But anyway, where was I, oh yes while all this occurred and my brain cells slowly died I realised it has been a while since my last post.



I left you with Dinosaurs and I begin with bouncing, makes perfect sense.


A new day out in Warrnambool, Inflatable World. Exactly what it says on the packet. Crazy busy but after the first hour everyone was exhausted so it thinned out. I spent most of it stuck in a giant mushroom thing with a little slide that Zachary threw himself on while shouting at me not to move so he could run around the outside and launch himself back in through the door usually directly on top of me. It was a blast, and I had to peel the kids away in the end. Although probably better suited to Abi and Jack then Zachary.



So we have been hanging out together, having the cousins around and meeting the newest member of the Langley clan. My beautiful new niece, Eloise. I grabbed an early train to Melbourne and spent the night with my lovely sister in law and the new bubs. It was weird but wonderful to be on a train by myself able to read whatever I want. Bliss. I consider this a dry run for my flight to England.


We have also been spending a lot of time chopping wood. Jamie has invested in a petrol run log splitter because let’s be honest I cannot safely be in charge of a large axe and be expected not to lop my legs off. The other option is waiting for Jamie to split logs but since I am still waiting for pictures to go up 4 years after moving in this is also not a viable option. So now we have a log splitter most if not all weekends are spent gathering logs. Sometimes with friends and small people but mostly just the family and lately just Jamie. I have invested in a small phone tracker so should he not return I will be able to direct emergencies services to within a few feet of his location. Last weekend Jamie took the boys and Abi and I spent Sunday playing games and doing puzzles. Bliss. The boys got to wack each other with large sticks and see kangaroos so had an equally blissful time.


My gorgeous prep boy has won his first school award for his brilliant reading. Being the amazing parent I am I completely missed that assembly but luckily have good friends who took plenty of pictures. I would like to say I was doing something important but I was just having a slow morning and was still in PJs when I waved the kids off with Jamie that morning, Bad Mother.


Then we had the kids school cross country, always slightly stressful after Abi’s first eventful year when she actually started going backwards rather than face the crowd who were encouragingly calling her name. But I need not have worried. Jack’s grade 6 Buddy had it all sorted. Despite the looks on their faces, he was brilliant. Apparently giving Jack little shoulder rubs on the way around and encouragingly pushing him onwards. After the finish line, I saw him massaging Jack’s shoulder and telling him ‘you’re my man Jack, you’re my man’. Jack was attempting to play cool by grinning from ear to ear and going bright red – that may have had something to do with the running part though.




We are now into winter and have had our first Winter Weekend Market at the school. Amazing idea from the beautiful Dominique Quirke and such an amazing night. I roped Jamie into face painting again so that kept him busy and the children were spoilt by their Nana handing over $20 each to fritter away. We had fire twirlers, belly dancers, beautiful singing, fairy lights and marshmallows. It was a fab night, and I am so glad Monday was the bank holiday and we could lay in bed and recover!




Now it’s mid June and not long before I get on a plane to the UK all by myself. My plan for Jamie gets longer with each week that goes past. Not sure if the list I am creating will help or hinder, no doubt they will ignore it all and have a blast while I am away!


Zachary’s top phrases of the moment

1. “I hungry (hun-gee)”. (1) This can mean I am hungry even though I have consumed a bowl of cereal and 6 pieces of toast, there is still possibly room for something else. (2) Or it can mean I am so hungry I do not have the energy to feed myself so please come and spoon feed me this cereal, ideally each piece of cereal will be eaten in the order I will dictate to you and no there will be no apparent rhyme nor reason behind the ordering so please do not try and guess as you will get it wrong.

2. “What’s that (Wot dat)”. This is a firm favourite and used at ever possibility about everything.

For example: In the takeaway shop the conversation is as follows:

Zachary: “What’s that?”

Me: A chest freezer

Zachary: What’s that?

Me: The man making our lunch

Zachary: What’s that?

Me: A man waiting for his lunch

Zachary: What’s that?

Me: Chips

Zachary: What’s that?

Me: Our lunch

This conversation continued for a further 5 mins. I frequently find myself shouting in public “It’s a postbox for crying out loud you know this, stop asking me what it is.”

3. “I did it!” This is said with much pride and can be about anything. From putting a log on the fire to successfully cutting chips in half, and on one memorable occasion doing the most smelly fart I actually had to leave the room.