The best to celebrate summer is a party and even better when we just doubled the house size. So Jamie went into overdrive food wise – what a shocker! We cleared the decks and have a lazy, slightly drunk Sunday filled with mostly naked children and a lot of dancing – again mostly children. Makes me realise how lucky I am to have such great friends.





School is booming along and I am writing this on the first week of the holidays. We had Jack’s first sports day, complete with brilliant facial expressions from my gorgeous son. It was a great day, beautifully sunny and lots of fun. Although by lunch time Jack was ready for home. He sunk down next to and rested his head on my shoulder.






“What’s for lunch?”
“I think they are doing sausages”
Big sigh followed by ‘I just want to go home and have sandwiches at home.” My little sweet potato.

Dad is settling into life, playing tennis every Wednesday, chopping wood and probably being driven crazy by the Langleys – hell I am even if he isn’t.



We got tickets for Dad and us to this year’s Folkie and dragged him around various tents and singers. He listened politely at first but by the last day had given up and just wandered off with the kids ever time we landed somewhere he didn’t want to be! The kids had a blast, mostly because they got to hang out with all their friends from school. Goodness knows it had been at least a day since they had seen them!



I love the buzz of Folkie, watching the tents start to go up and the town get busy. Then suddenly the Friday rolls around and there are cars everywhere and streets being closed off. People aimlessly wandered the streets, all the kids busking – and probably making a fortune. So it’s a bit sad on Monday when it all closes down for another year.







The last few weeks of term flew by, and Dad headed off to Saigon to meet Olly. I stuffed the kids full of vitamin C and attempted to dodge the plethora of illness that suddenly started doing the rounds. 6 months ago I bought tickets to see Walking with Dinosaurs for the kids. Last year we got tickets to se a Dinosaur thing for Jack, who promptly got gastro the night before and spent our dinosaur day puking his guts up curled up in bed for me. Poor boy was so desperate to go it broke my heart so when these came up I jumped it. Then splurged for VIP tickets.



We powered up to Chris and Robbie’s, ate their food, made a mess and then headed out on the train to the show. We managed to miss the mass of people heading to the Cricket final, and followed the trail of hyped up children. The kids loved it, Zachary spent most of the time shouting at the Dinosaurs and demanding more every time a dinosaur left. It was a great show. The smaller dinos were played by people, all you could see were a pair of legs under the costume, even these were disguised to blend with the legs. The large ones came out on wheels disguised under what looked like rocks, and their legs rolled up and over as they moved. Jack kept telling me that they weren’t real. Until one came out and reached up to eat part of a “tree”, it came away with a long green leaf which it promptly ate – “that one’s real” he informed me seriously. Love it.






Now we are home, waiting for the Easter bunny, hanging out with the neighbour. She’s the mother in law of the new owners and the kids have taken a liking to her. So every time I lose sight of them they sneak off down the road, and she’s been playing Go Fish with them and feeding them milo. I’m tempted to not look a gifted horse in the mouth and all that but sooner or later she’ll start hiding at the sight of them. Hell I sometimes hide at the sight of them. Ha ha just kidding (no seriously if you are really quiet you can sometimes get a whole 3 minutes).



Right am off to yell at my little angels. I foolishly placed Zachary in their bedroom, completely disastrous idea but I live in hope. xxxx