1.Sunny Days2.Ride on fun

So I may have been slightly putting off writing this mostly because so much has happened it would be a saga and a half to recount. But I have picked up 5 kids and they are currently wreaking havoc in my house so I am hiding in the bedroom. It was either write this or peel potatoes, it was a close game but the blog won by a nose.

On a side note it is astounding the large volumes of complete rubbish that comes out of children’s mouths. I seriously doubt they think about anything before they open their mouth, it’s like a stream of consciousness they are unaware is actually being spoken out loud. The latest gem is that apparently kids with adult front teeth can use those teeth to predict the future – if you have a gap between the 2 front teeth you will be rich. I can only see it is as a good thing that every child I have ever known will be rich when they are older. It looks like economy wise it’s all going to be ok.


I think maybe all those late nights and broken sleeps have caught up with me.

Ok so quick recap – went to England, saw friends, hung out with family, visited Eurodisney, returned home, had party, went back to school. And that’s it in a nutshell. Thanks for tuning in, catch you next time.

Ha ha! No seriously I have taken way too many pictures to get away with that. Although for those of you who can’t face reading much more the above does pretty much cover it.

6. Buttefly House

So England, oh home sweet home. Well actually not anymore. 102 Dora Road (parents house) has been sold off and is currently going through the Beauty and the Geek transformation week. I would love to see it when it is all done but bar breaking and entering not sure it will happen. My parents have instead sensibly downsized to a 6 bedroom in Slindon, near Arundel castle. (I am employing a vast amount of sarcasm in that previous sentence). But it does feel smaller, only helped by the 300 boxes of books currently filling the house. Well apparently it is down to 100 as Dad has invested in a huge number of bookcases. Good old Ikea.


We spent the first week or so with Claire and Ben – congratulations on the beautiful Miss Jessica! We tested their child proofing, painted their nursery, ate most of the sweet things in their fridge and freezer, drew on their walls and then left. Ben would still like several children so we obviously can’t have been too bad. They kindly threw a BBQ at their place for my old school friends, it would have once been drunken with pictures of penises on any film I developed but now everyone is pregnant and/or mothers so it slightly changes the vibe – but in a good way. There are only so many pictures of penises you can get developed before you run out of boots to visit in the area.


After that we did a tour of the UK and visited family, before helping Mum and Dad move the last of their stuff into Slindon. The kids loved helping unpack boxes especially once Zachary found the box of knives. They drove round on Buba’s new ride on mower, scooted up and down the decking and were generally spoilt rotten.

8.NCT friends

17.My Monkeys

9.Peter Pan

We then packed them into a train and started our trip to Eurodisney. After accidently misplacing our only piece of actual luggage, Jamie diligently hunted it down to Bognor and brought it safely home. We continued on our journey, slightly detouring into the centre of Paris at 11pm at night before hitting the Hotel and falling into bed at 1am. Not the greatest start to 3 days of all things Disney but it was amazing.


We were up by 8am, filling our bellies with the all you can eat breakfast buffet before hitting the parks. The kids were impressively well behaved despite not going to bed until 10pm most nights and being up early – for them that is.



13. Susie

Jamie dragged Abi onto all the scary rides he could get away with. While Jack sticks firmly in the teacups level of rides. He did agree to go on the runaway train – even more astounding was the fact that he could see it rocking around the tracks beforehand. Their favourite was the Ratatouille ride, a 4D adventure which we went on about 4 times and they probably still would have queued for another if we had time. It was a bit of a whirlwind and we were all exhausted at the end but mostly definitely the most amazing trip, for the kids too. 🙂


After we got back and settled into life at my parents Mum ended up in hospital, we pushed our flights by a week so we could be there when she got out. Which she did finally, just in time for Abi’s last minute birthday party. Thank you to all my friends who brought their kids along last minute. It was a great way to spend the last day of our holiday.



22. Treasure Hunt23.Mum and bubs

Now we are home and it feels like a million miles away. But since there is no rest for the wicked, the weekend we got back we had the kids joint birthday party, complete with bouncy slide – Jamie bid on its rental in an auction. Best thing he has ever b ought in one of those, kept the kids occupied and relatively out of trouble for the day!








We took a trip up to Melbourne for my friend Lizzie’s 9th marathon of the year – go Lizzie!! Then she came for a visit – my first University visitor! I got a replacement story reader and Jamie an excuse to do some four wheel driving. It made me feel a little bit like I was still on holiday which was nice.  Then before we knew it we were back at school and getting ready for Jack’s party and our first trick or treat outing.


Now the shops are filled with all things Christmas and it feels like this year has just flown by. Before you know it I will have a 2 year old, be 35 (yikes) and be sending out Christmas cards. Miss my little UK friends, was so much fun to see you all and catch up with our lives, even for only an afternoon in some cases. Hopefully I’ll be back next year when you have all finished having babies, and I can do the rounds with all the new squishys. XXXXXX