So it has been a while, slack blogging. I’d like to imagine I have been crazy busy with other things but now I am writing this I can’t actually think of anything I have been doing 🙂 I’m pretty sure I wrote about Christmas and New Year and I’m thinking the last one of these may have been February but who knows. I would check on my phone but I left that down by the river with the kids and Jamie fishing and it would involve a minute walk – entirely too much for a holiday afternoon.

So a mish mash of what has been happening with us. Abi has lost her 2 front teeth – looks very strange. Unfortunately she managed to swallow the second one much to her distress, but then all was well when it turns out the tooth fairy gives you an extra dollar for the trauma! It was either  that or a $50 note.

Jack has, as it turns out, a pretty creative side. Every time I pick him up from 4 year old kinder he has something in tow, usually made from the largest cardboard box possible. This is his cat house for Bubba.


She was distinctly under impressed with his lovingly created house. And now it hangs about the house as he refuses to get rid of any of it. I have to wait til late at night before recycling day and sneak things out of the house.

Zachary has been working on his screaming of late. He has managed to get it to just the right pitch and tone to almost burst your ear drums so you swiftly give him anything he wants. Now we are in the middle of no where I am attempting to break this habit but so far this experiment looks like it’s doomed to fail. On the plus side his shaking his head when he means no – instead of screaming and I’ll take what I can get. He also loves to give kisses and cuddles, mostly after he has made your ears bleed, and no one can resist his cheeky smile!

So it’s holiday time over here for the next 2 weeks and we decided a week or so off down the Murray River was just what we needed. Jamie turfed us all out of bed at 6am on Sunday morning and we hit the road – about 2 hrs later which for us is probably pretty good. Jack lasted all of 45 mins before starting to ask how much further it was. Zachary decided he hated the car after 2 hrs, and bucked and screamed every time we had to strap him back in after a stop. Abi on the other sat in the very back, plugged herself into my old iPod and mostly zoned out for the entire trip – it was like a fast forward to teenage life!



One of Jamie’s owners lives up this way and showed us to a campsite just on the river with no one else around so it’s blissfully quiet, apart from day break and sunset when the kookaburras go nuts, it’s been acting as the kids alarm clock most mornings. The kids have been skinny dipping in the river, actually it’s rare they have clothes on really. They have been fishing, catching 3 the first time they threw their lines in and best of all in their eyes the fish were carp so they got to smack them over the head with a large stick – savages!




We hunted out some quiet spots for Jamie to throw his yabby nets in courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood butcher. The kids helped Jamie slice up pieces of smelly liver and stuff the nets, but got swiftly bored when Jamie had to wade through the rain to drop his nets. So we came home and threw a few more lines in and had some snags on the barbie (How Australian am I!) the next day things started to go slightly down hill with 48 hours of almost constantly torrential rain. We took off in the morning along the track and what had taken an hour return took us 4. The car constantly sliding into the sides and spinning around as we drove at 15km along the sloppy track. Zachary was amazed by the constant splatters of mud on the windows, Jack took a nap and Abi put her ear buds back in after the first few tight misses! We made into town, stocked up on supplies and collected a load of yabbies then headed home to batten down the hatches.



Jamie’s owner, Scott, dropped us a line to say he could zip down on a boat and evacuate us or bring supplies if we needed, but apart from a lack of cheese and maybe a weird craving for more hot cross buns we were set. And hell did it rain. Plus we realised the tent is not what you would call fully waterproof – there were wet patches on our bed, a river of water through the kids bed and somehow all of Zachary’s pjs got soaked. We threw up the sides of the tent, played a few games of clock patience and the gruffalo and waited it out. By end of Thursday the skies cleared, Jamie set up a roaring fire and we started drying out clothes and towels. The kids celebrated with glow sticks and marshmallows and we ate a feast of yabbies. I think in all there was probably more than 2 inches of rain, either way it has confirmed that Jamie and I are mostly definitely fair weather campers!!


By Saturday the sun blazed enough for us to risk heading into town. We managed to get bogged twice, winching ourselves out the first time with a handy tree. Unfortunately the second time we were in a barren landscape without a tree in sight so Jamie had a tramp through mud to let out tires and we went hell for leather instead. We stocked up and did some washing, bliss to slide into a sweet smelling bed that evening. We spent the last 3 days fishing, swimming and chilling. Perfection! Now unfortunately we have returned home to a house filled with mice and mess!




















Our last piece of news would be the below picture. At 42 Jamie has a failed where his 16 year old self succeeded and has managed to accidentally get someone pregnant. Luckily that person is me otherwise this would have had a very different ending! So we are expecting out fourth  – and final –  child on Nov 12th . It was a little bit of a shock but as the midwife put it – it’s not a accident it’s nature’s gift. Plus I’m pretty sure Game of Thrones is also slightly to blame as well!