So it’s been a while, I realised that when I spoke to Mum last week and she berated me for not updating. Time seems to slip away once school goes back. I can only just about keep on top of washing clothes and making sure there are packed lunches for each morning – I cheat this term and have signed Abi up for a the cafe 2 days a week, apparently the Mexican salsa wrap she had yesterday made her tongue hurt but was nice!




DSC_7185DSC_7190So Christmas came and went, with the usual present explosion that seems to occur and the kids were spoilt rotten. It ended with a water fight, although Jack still does not seem to understand that if you are naked in the garden on a hot sunny day and someone has a water pistol you will get wet!

We spent New Year at a friends’ house with some other families, the kids loved it. Although they made it safely through to 11:30 before deciding they wanted to go home. Luckily Monsters Inc was distracting enough to get us through to midnight and watch a few faraway fireworks. The year seems to have gone so fast, not sure what happened.




The last bit of summer was spent on the beach, in the garden and at Lawson’ birthday party (one of Jack’s best friends). A pirate part on the beach! Although Abi went dressed as a tiger – new onsie so really what choice did she have!




All of it topped off with a water fight on the last 40 degree day, Jamie was in his element!!


Update: Zachary seems to be more clumsy than Jack if that is entirely possible. He is now sporting a fetching small scar above his right eye and a constant revolving amount of grazes and bruises, mostly to his head which he obviously uses as some sort of braking device.

Abi has settled into grade one with the minimal of tears, and keeps returning home with pockets and bags full of stones, I have yet to discover a reasonable explanation for these but apparently some of them are crystals and some belong to boys in her class.

Jack has started 4 year old kinder and despite being completely nackered after every full day he seems to have taken quite well to it all. Although at the end of the first full day he informed me that it was a bit too noisy as everyone blathered too much. Apparently he also told his teacher the same thing and asked for it to be a bit quieter.

Mum and Dad have moved out of 102 and into their flat in Sutton, I think they are slowly getting used to the size difference and have mostly found all the bits and pieces that got accidently packed in the move – wet towels, phones, TV remote, etc. Mum has been having chemo every 3 weeks and is very good spirits, the kids are most intrigued by the fact that she might eventually lose her hair! She has a half way through scan in a few weeks so we’ll all be keeping our fingers crossed it will be  nothing but good news!


DSC_7451Finally the house is still taking shape, they are laying decking and at the moment putting in water tanks and the sewage system. Every time I come home there seems to be a new hole in the wall, the kids normally come thundering out exclaiming – “come and see what the builders have done now!” In a few weeks we’ll have to move the entire living room out so they can work on that, no clue where everything will go as the house is a pigsty with next to room but am sure we’ll figure it out! I think we’ll be sitting on sofas on sofas for a while L.

Hope the rains stop soon over in the UK – feel free to send them over here!  I am off to Abi’s sports day, potentially in the rain!DSC_7429