Starter update:-

Jack – his latest move is to strip off his top, shake his bottom at me and sing ‘Shake my boobies, shake my boobies’. I honestly have no explanation for this, not even half of one.

Abi – has decided that when she grows up she will be a Mummy. To this end she likes to practice things, like washing up and helping me fold laundry. So last week when Zachary dropped a cruiser bottle (like a breezer for you non Australians), she announced she would take care of it. So my 6 year old is on her hands and knees with kitchen roll wiping up alcohol insisting to let her take care of it as she needs to practice. It makes me wonder what kind of mother she plans on being…..

Zachary – his latest trick is to drag things around the house. Yesterday he wandered past me dragging a pair of Jamie’s shorts by the belt, 10 minutes later it was Jack’s jumper. Mostly he just walks from one side of the house to the other, occasionally glancing over his shoulder to check on what he is dragging. This morning I packed the library bag, went to give the dog a bone and returned to find library books all over the kitchen floor and the bag abandoned by the front  door. He had emptied it of enough stuff so he could drag it to the front door before getting distracted by the lure of chickens.

Okay so maybe only 2 things starting with C but still you get the theme! We started this month with Zachary’s 1st Birthday (and my 34th-shhh). So my little man is now 1, zooming about the place and practicing screaming at the top of his voice – such a lovely sound. Mostly this is done in frustration, e.g. when his brother takes away his toy, when I won’t pick him up and sometimes if he is dragging a toy and it gets stuck behind a counter or under a chair. We had a lovely party at the park; I lost Zachary to the lure of the slide. His sister determinedly dragging him up the steps and throwing him down the slide to his utter joy. As a complete mothering fail I forgot to take any pictures of this day, opps 😦


After his birthday we headed out on a camping trip to a place called Mountain Dam in the Rocklands with a few friends. It was so much fun. We were the only ones in the campsite, popped up the camper trailer and sat down to watch the sunset.


DSC_7033The kids went nuts, roasting an entire packet of marshmallows, hyped off their heads on sugar until crashing at 10pm. We sat up and watched the starts until midnight, probably a mistake I discovered the next morning. Zachary started to stir and behind my eyelids I figured it’s been bright for a while so I am guessing about 6:30am, apparently not, try 5:30am.

DSC_7011DSC_7020What the, oh for crying. I crawled out of bed over the top of Jamie, dragging a small child with me. Outside I bumped into another couple of feral kids up at the same ungodly hour. I survived the morning and then ended up crawling back into bed with a headache that would not quit. Luckily there were enough women to palm Zachary off on – thanks Gusty!

DSC_7037DSC_6936The second night the kids played hide and seek in the dark with torches, and we managed to get them into bed at 9 and enjoy a drink by the fire. On Sunday things quickly disintegrated with kids being bitten by bull ants, yabbies and getting hair caught in zippers.


We packed up and headed home with 3 sleeping kids in the back. Perfect ending to the weekend, that is until we got home to discover while we were away a fox had got into the hen house, and dispatched 7 of our hens. We found bits of head, feet and wings all over the place, luckily the kids were inside by the time we stumbled on them. Not sure I could deal with the nightmares over that!








So it’s almost Christmas, the builders have packed up and headed off for the holidays leaving us with an extension with walls, ceilings and in some rooms floors. It’s all slowly coming together and getting quite exciting. Unfortunately Mum and Dad might have to wait a little while before seeing their new place. When they returned home in September Mum was booked into the Doctors to get checked over after having chest pains, they popped a camera down her throat and unfortunately found a tumour. We have had the biopsy results and it is cancer. That is the only tumour they found but it has started to spread to her lungs, if only a little. To say the bottom dropped out of my world would be an understatement. I know logically no one lives forever but if I ever imagined being at Abi’s wedding or watching my boys play football or Aussie rules matches I imagined she would be with me.  I cannot see a moment in my life where my mother is not part of it, she is an anchor to my world, my first anchor. So these couple of months have been emotional. She has started chemo and those of you who know my mum know she is strong and has no intention of giving up. Instead she is going to go through 6 months or so of chemo and hopefully that will shrink the tumour and in turn shrink the little bits in her lungs. I am going all out and saying I’ll not be settling for anything less than full remission and 20 more years. I won’t be negotiating.

So as Christmas is around the corner do me a favour and spend a little extra time with your Mum and Dad this year. Take a minute to tell your family you love them, and squeeze your kids a little tighter – or someone else’s…. actually don’t do that, that’s probably a bit weird, not to mention potentially illegal. Plus no one wants to spend Christmas in jail. 🙂

Most of all have a very Merry Christmas. Love you guys. XXXXXXXX