Jack: I want to choose a song

Me: Sure honey, what do you want to listen to?

Jack: The Bugs

Me: The What?

Jack: You know, the Bugs, the one by the Bugs

Me: Huh??

Jack: Muuuuummmmm. I want to hold your hand by the Bugs

Me: Oh you mean the Beatles

Jack: Yeah, that one

2013-11-04 17.09.38

A friend has started her own organic fruit and veg seasonal boc delivery. Lovely and yummy but a little cracy with 4 kids so I bring my own and try to control all 7 – mostly failing but the homemade pia went down a hit!


Here are my 2 boys hanging out together. Zachary adores his older brother and Jack is pretty taken as along as when it comes to playing Zachary stays well away from all his things 🙂 Zachary is speeding about the place these days, he takes great pleasure in going through drawers of clothes and throwing them all over the floor. I can no longer tell what mess belongs to Abi and Jack, and which are Zachary’s creations.


October is Port Fairy Show Day – as well as Jack’s birthday. Jamie got roped into face painting and the kids were his first victims. It’s always so much fun, got a little burnt – every year I cover the kids and completely forget about me. I’ll learn one day. DSC_6681DSC_6680

Zachary spent the day practising his walking, and since Abi is apparently very grown up she was allowed to head off to the rides by herself. She even took Jack under her wing, but then I found him wandering back to me in tears because Abi had bumped heads with him so I decided maybe looking after Jack was too much responsibility.DSC_6697DSC_6688

We spent all morning bouncing on jumping castles, riding ponies, giant swings and getting henna tattoos. The kids collapses on the sofa and I set to party planning – never like the day before to plan a party!


DSC_6719DSC_6720That evening I spent building Jack’s birthday cake. He had stumbled on a Jake and the Neverland Pirates DVD in the library and is now obsessed. He plays pirates, draws treasure maps, talks about gold doubloons and had his heart set on a Jake Party – what mother would say no! So thanks to Google, I managed to squish together with frosting a boat, ordered figures off eBay and we were ready to go. Luckily the predicted hail didn’t arrive, it was a wee bit windy but the day was lovely and sunny.DSC_6723

Jack had a blast, we made balloon swords and swan hats – thanks Gusty for helping! The kids ran riot around the park, eat almost every bit of frosting and devoured every bit of food. Perfect day all in all.






When I tucked Jack in that night he threw his arms around my neck and whispered in my ear; ‘My birthday cake was the best ever Mum’. Makes it all worth it 🙂



We’ve just had Melbourne Cup Day over here and the school hold their own race on the day. All the preps – Abi’s year – get together with their grade 6 buddies and make racing silks. Then on the day the preps are the horses and the buddies the jockeys and the winner gets a little cup.


DSC_6809We watched the race in one of the classrooms and then headed off to see how Jamie and his crazy day of gambling went. He looked slightly frantic so we went for ice cream and then headed home.

The beautiful spring weather has been replaced by torrential downpours again. Lovely.  And this is the day the builders took out one of my windows. So I’ll be starting the fire up again this evening. Zachary is very intrigued by the giant hole in the wall, and slightly more taken by the various saws. So I’ll be keeping a close eye on him in future me thinks. So the house is picking up, we should have a roof in the nect week or so and then windows and doors will start coming out – with the holes hopefully be papered up. I can just see it, all 3 little muffins will take great pleasure poking their fingers through the papered windows and doors, in fact make that 4. Not sure I could resist, it’s like looking at a fire alarm and knowing you shouldn’t touch but you really really want to.

2013-10-30 16.42.36


Finally we have 6 little chicks running about at the moment, we did have 10 but lost 4 to what we assume are rats. The bait is down and the traps laid so hopefully we can protect the final 6. One of the mummies is blind in one eye after an earlier fight with another hen last year and now her eye has blown up and is slightly infected again. I am guessing from trying to defend her babies as it was hers that were taken. But she is still viciously defending her babies every time I step in to replace water and food so guessing she is still doing ok! Right am off to collect Abi in the pouring rain, hopefully she isn’t waiting in this downpour for me – mothering fail if she is!