So I have been a bit distracted of late hence the lack of blog, but I’m back and will hopefully finish this before Jack’s birthday arrives. So after our little trip up the coast we came home for Zachary’s christening before Olly had to fly home. It was just a little family and friends day, with his godparents Pauline (Jamie’s Aunt and business partner) and the kids’ Uncle Liam. It was a nice way to finish Olly’s holiday, and we waved him off the following Wednesday.




The kids were pretty sad although Mum was the only one who broke down – despite only being 3 weeks away from getting on a flight to go home! The last few weeks of their visit was getting everyone back into the rhythm of Port Fairy again. They headed home at the start of September, unfortunately a few weeks after they arrived home my Uncle Barry, mum’s brother, passed away. Although he had been ill it was hard being all the way around the world knowing you can’t really do anything. I think they are both hoping when they come back out in January it will be the start of a happier year.



Now that September has begun it’s planning season, Abi’s birthday is just around the corner and she’s already started her countdown. But first we had Milly’s 2nd  birthday party at our place, so nice having all the family around and I cannot wait until the cousins are all bigger and we can turf them out the back and sit back and relax!


As our back garden has been dug up and is littered with holes and wood it’s no longer kid friendly we started plans for the park until about one evening Abi announced that she had to have a pool party. After initial scepticism I was sold. No need for party games, a lifeguard watches the kids and everyone is knackered by the end of the day. I attempted a cake with mermaids on but at 11:30 lost all interest (bad parenting) and just stuck a tail onto the cake – Abi loved it so it was a win by those standards. We arrived late for the party in true Langley fashion but then it was all hands to battle stations. There were about 20 odd kids with a few added siblings. The kids played a few games but mostly just hopped in and out having a ball. There was a slight hiccup when 2 mums ended up in the water but everyone survived and all kids were returned intact – win for the Langleys!



DSC_6623iphone 838iphone 834

iphone 836Unfortunately for my oh so grown up 6 year old her birthday went downhill from there. At 5pm that night she started throwing up and gastro struck the household. She was on the mend by Tuesday afternoon just in time for Jamie and Jack to get it. Every night I’d go to bed wondering if tonight was the night I’d start throwing up or Zachary but lucky for us we dodged the bullet. Instead I got to stay up all night changing sheets and holding heads over buckets. Oh the joys of motherhood! The week was a write off and Jack only started to get better the following Tuesday, he always seems to get things worse than Abi, probably down to the extreme lack of fruit and vegetables in his diet. I’ll have to start hiding it his meals I think.

We’re know in the fourth term of the year, and pretty soon it will Abi will a grade one and Jack will be started 4 year old kinder. They are all growing up too fast. After the bout of gastro Jack lost a load of weight and all his baby fat has gone and instead he looks like a skinny little boy, :(. Luckily he still needs buckets of cuddles and love. I think Jamie would prefer less cuddles, especially at 3am when the invisible man appears. Apparently no grown up can see him and he disappears when we appear but the damn bastard keeps waking my son in the middle night. If I ever find him I gut him, with Mr Z  still in the bed I need all the sleep I can get!

Zachary is huge, cruising the furniture and so close to walking. His latest joys are cupboards, few of ours are on springs so make very satisfying banging noises. Also empting the cupboards, ideally just the Tupperware ones but also the sink one with its number of cans and bottles. He has learnt how to open the front door, and likes to peer outside and shout at anyone out there. But his favourite past rime by far is to sit at the side doors and watch the builder, nail guns, hammers, saws, they entrance him all. Jamie is predicting a hands on job!

The extension building has started and already we have a floor and you can see the room outline. so exciting watching it finally started to take shape. I’ll keep you updated on the progress over the net few months. Anyway I am off to pick up Abi for her gym class and run around Warrnambool while she jumps, forward rolls and balances.

1.Start3.4. Smashing5. Floor