Our first morning at Rainbow Beach dawned bright and clear. I had a long hot shower, or mostly hot until someone else turned on a shower – took a swift recovery to survive! We spent the first day washing, I am not sure how we managed to accumulate so much washing or how Jamie and Olly had so little more to the point. We chopped firewood and headed to the local town for a pub meal. The kids played, Jamie watched the Essedon match and Olly spent some quality skype time with Miss Dolores. We headed back to the tent and sat around the campfire with our neighbours, Rodney and Sue. Olly and I left the guys to get absolutely off their heads, Jamie stumbled into bed that night shouting through the tents at Rodney and demanding to know why I had his watch – he had given it to me earlier – so needless to say I had no sympathy the next morning!

The next day we woke up to realise Zachary was running a high temp, 39.5 most of the day, and only wanting Mummy. We went down to coloured sands and collected a little souvenir, took some pictures and played in the sand. Jamie bought some bait and tried his hand at catching some Taylor but nothing was biting that night.

The next day Z was still running a temp, so we booked in at the doctors and a very nice man checked him over and announced he had a throat infection. After his penicillin reaction we got a new brand of drug to try out. The second dose was mostly thrown up and at the third he started rubbing his nose and crying – repeat of what he did when we were giving him Pencillin. That evening his temperature dropped, we made a note of the drugs and then chucked them out. He doesn’t seem to be having much luck with them! The final day we spent stocking up for Fraser, writing postcards (Olly) and doing a last wash.

On Wednesday we packed the tent, loaded everything in and headed to Inskip Point to catch the 10min barge over to Fraser Island. We caught briefly stuck in the sand before the barge so Jamie got to test out his max tracks and Olly had the exciting job of digging out the tyres every 2 foot! But then we were on board and heading for the open sea. Here we come Fraser!