Consider this Langleys Down Under, 4 wheel drive edition as Jamie is calling this. We have been planning this trip for months and I cannot believe it is finally here. We are on our way to the Moreton Island Ferry and I’m going to try and write this without throwing up. I have 11.5 hrs so I should make it!

We took off on Thursday – about 4hrs late and headed to Maffra for our Christmas in July party. It was a fun weekend. We stayed at a little place called Happy Days, the kids took advantage of the heated spa and briefly of the icy pool :). We ate, drank, talked babies and caught up. It was so much fun, I’ll be voting for a yearly repeat.

Then on Sunday we said our goodbyes and hit the road. First stop was Merimbula, just an overnight. It was freezing cold and I think we went to bed the earliest we have in years in our attempt to keep warm!

Back on the road the next day for Booderee National Park and Green Patch Camping. It was amazing, we camped on a site that backed onto a river that ran down to the sea. Kookaburras watched us from the trees and at night the possums attempted to steal our sausages – one managed it on the second night much to Jack’s delight! Plus we got hot showers and flushing loos. Although the showers only go for 4 mins and then stop for 2 so wash fast unless you want to hop from foot to foot in the cold! We set up for the night and bunked down around the fire – they even provide your firewood. Possums scurried around our table and a walleby hopped by, the kids snuggled down in their chairs and ate sausages in bread while we munched pâté on crackers – party left overs!

The next day we went for a walk down to the beach, wandered the white sands and walked up to rocky point to look for blue ringed octopus. We were followed by flocks of rosellas as we walked through the bush. After lunch we drove through the park to visit the old lighthouse and read the gruesome story about one of the lighthouse keepers. He liked to fish from the rocks and was one day swept into the sea by wave and his son watched as he was eaten by sharks. Lovely. We looked for whales but didn’t see any, hopefully we might as we get further up the coast. It was a beautiful spot, cannot recommend it enough.

We packed up the next day and headed for Sydney. We stayed at Lane Cove National Park just 20mins from darling harbour and you’d never know you were in the city. We arrived Wednesday and an old friend from Wimbledon – Kay – came to visit with her boyfriend before getting up for a 5am flight for skiing! We sat down by the camp kitchen and I was a complete girl and jumped around screaming when a possum shot under our table at a million miles an hour! The next day Jamie and the kids picked up Uncle Oliver. We had a quiet day, the kids found some playmates in the park and we did a quick shop. Olly lasted until 7:30 before crashing while we went on a guided night walk through the park with the kids. The lady pointed out some of the wildlife but the Brush Turkeys stole my heart. They spend their days nipping in and out of tent sites attacking anything that looks like food, chasing one another off at speed – wings spread wide, running at a million miles an hour as if they were about to take off but never quite managing that bit – and at night find the tallest tree and then hop and flap from branch to branch until they are as high as possible. Plus they apparently steal all the mulch from the park and make massive nest mounds to bury their eggs in, which they promptly abandon so the baby chicks hatch out and strike out of their own from day dot. Love ’em.

We spent Friday in the centre, meet An old Uni friend, Laura and her gorgeous new son Dexter. We went to the new Darling Harbour playground which was so much fun for the kids and then had lunch on the grass. Olly left us to spend some time with friends in the city and we headed back home to start packing up and getting ready to move on. Saturday was all packing and shopping. The kids found a new friend and spent most of the day and evening in his tent which was useful!

Sunday morning dawned, Zachary woke us at 6:20 and we were up and moving, despite this it was still 8:30 before we left the park. It was 13 hours of driving with the occasional brief fuel and food stop. The kids were amazing, although Jack did ask the repetitive question all children ask and since he has no idea of time explaining hours takes some imagination! We somehow veered off the coast route and took Thunderbolt Road through the great dividing range. There was a point I wasn’t sure the car and trailer would make it up to the top but I figured if J was confident then all was good. Turned out he wasn’t confident but winging it though 🙂

We spent the night at the Comfort Inn in predation for our ferry ride to Moreton, cannot wait. Xxxx