My littlies

I was going to begin this story with floods but instead after Wednesday I must begin it like this.

I am in Kmart with Jack, pottering around, buying random things and as I move towards the checkouts Jack asks to s. look at the boy toy section.

‘Sure hon, but when I call you, you have to come, OK?’

‘Yes Mummy’

So I buy my things, and dawdle back calling for Jack. After a moment he reappears in the pose all mothers of small children know. The one where your child won’t look you in your eye and is hiding their hands behind their back.

‘Jack, what’s in your hands?’

Head shake from the guilty boy. I am envisioning having to piece a broken toy back together, damn child.

‘Jack, show me what you have behind your back’

Another headshake and attempt to wiggle past me. I employ my stern tone.

‘Jack! Show me what is in your hands’

So he very slowly pulls them from behind his back and uncurls his left hand. There nestled in my little boy’s palm is a small, brown poo, complete with corn kernel.

I just stare for a moment, and all I can think is – ‘where the hell did he find a poo in Kmart?’ He clears that one up for me….

‘It was in my trousers but I just took it out’.

‘Right. Ok. Quickly let’s find a toilet’ I take his hand and speed towards the exit. I obviously look extremely guilty as a security guard stops me as I try to leave and searches my bags. I just pray she doesn’t ask my son what he’s hiding in his little closed fist.

So on from Poo. We visited Chris and Robbie a few weekends ago now to meet our beautiful new niece Miss Isabelle. She’s a delight, and apparently sleeping like a dream – why do I have the only child who thinks attachment to my boob is the only way to sleep?? We arrived early on Friday and had dinner, hung out and chatted. I took myself off to bed at 10 feeling very proud of my restraint. At 11 a rather drunk Jamie bursts through the door babbling and stumbling around the room before charging out again. I sink back into the end, check the baby is still asleep and then close my eyes. 5 minutes later he reappears again, this time demanding I get out of bed and claiming we are being flooded out of the house. I finally drag myself out of bed, I am a little suspicious of this claim – Jamie drunk tends to over exaggerate. But I once I get downstairs I realise I owe him an apology. There is in fact a small stream of water flooding down the drive way and into the house. It has been pouring with rain for hours and it turns out the drain at the top of the driveway on the street has blocked and so everything is now flooding Chris and Robbie’s house. Chris and Jamie are soaked to the skin, every towel in the house is soaked and the rain shows no signs of stopping. The hallway is soaked, the front reception room, the study and the room the kids are sleeping in downstairs has water slowly flowing in. By midnight most of it has been stopped and we are all take ourselves to bed. In the morning Robbie is up and calling a man to start the clean up while we empty the rooms to give him access to the carpets. We abandon them to their upside down house and attempt to conquer IKEA – half successful but somehow we seem to have lost almost an entire day there – how does that happen? Then arrive home and just lie down for a minute and lose the rest of the day. We order take out and squeeze in-between sofas to eat Pizza. Despite Jamie’s piss taking it was a great weekend, and lovely to get cuddles from Miss I. She is gorgeous, love that there will be plenty to little nieces to spoil and pass all Abi’s clothes onto. And we finished the weekend with a miniature train ride – what’s not to love!!

Flooded Living RoomMiss Isabelle

Then we had dress up day at Abi’s school, you had to come as someone who shared the first letter of your name. I decked Abi out as Alice, although completely forgetting she wanted a rabbit until 6am that morning. Some fast sewing and crafting later – ta da! The kids looked great, and all the teachers got in on the act too. The head Mark Chapman came as a monk, complete with incense and Abi’s teacher Emily Clark was an emu. When they called up the As, Abi looked mutinous until she realised her buddy was with her and she wasn’t walking along. Jamie and Peter came along, joking that they could leave straight away as Abi was first, I then pointed out at some point they will have an A, a J and a Z so not to get too excited by it all.

5.Minature TrainAll set

Port Fairy had their first Winter Weekend, complete with Sausage Dog Race. I’ve never made it to this, despite it being at 11. So this year, I decided was the year. I bullied the kids into the car, with the dog, and dragged them down to the race. Hysterical. Gotta love those little sausagies. Will be going next year for sure!

Sausage Dog Race

13.Our Camp14.Lake Ratcastle

Before our big month away with Olly we thought we should take the camper out one last time to test a few things and see what else we needed to get. Unfortunately the day before we left Zachary came down with an ear infection and was put on penicillin. Initially I figured it would be better to stay at home in the warmth. Then I realised without my 2 sidekicks to entertain my little boy I might well go mad. The pain had gone from his ear by Friday morning and apart from being generally grumpy I decided to chuck him in the car and head out. We had picked a place called Lake Ratzcastle as Jamie wanted to try and dodge the rain cloud headed to Port Fairy. We ended up by a low lake all by ourselves. It was great, completely quiet and peaceful plus Meg had a whale of a time charging about the undergrowth with the kids chasing after her. It wasn’t until the sun set that I realised how flipping cold it was going to be. Jamie got a fire going, and Jack was happily scoffing half cooked marshmallows while I tried to persuade Zachary that he did really want to go to sleep. He snuggled down and I am pretty sure was the warmest person in the tent, stuffed between Jamie and I. Meg spent the night head down in Jack’s sleeping bag, although she kept waking him up so the next night she got her own sleeping bag and didn’t move all night even when something came into camp and scoffed all our bread!

15.Yabby nets16.Hauling in the catch

On Saturday we headed off to try our hand at catching some Yabbies, although despite the kids enthusiasm all we got were a couple of water cockroaches. Abi still insists that counts as catching something, bless her heart. She even ‘saved’ them when Jamie dropped them on the floor by willingly picking up those things and dropping them back into the water. She doesn’t get that from me.

17.Water Cockroaches

It was a great weekend although it only cemented my decision that I am not a winter camper – I think it was probably when I was changing Zachary’s nappy in the middle of the night on Saturday and realised I could see his breath in the air.

18.My beauty19. Zachary

20. Abi, Me and Z

21. Jamie and Z

22. All wrapped up

23. Dog sitting

24.Love this sign!

A few days after we got back I woke to find Zachary covered in spots, Jamie insisted it was measles but it turns out he’s allergic to penicillin. We’ve had a pretty shocking week of random crying in the night – for sometimes 2 hours but he’s all settled back down now so I’ll just have to avoid that antibiotic like the plague from now on.

But apart from all that the kids are all going great. Abi and Jack regularly planning their birthday parties – anything from Thundercats to Gruffalo to Pirate to Fairies. I’ll wait to the week of the party before I demand commitment. Zachary is getting all round and fat and getting bigger every week. He loves his big brother and sister and thinks the cat is the best thing since sliced bread, in fact if I ever need to stop him crying I just point out the cat – works a charm.

Final bit of news is the house extension is finally going ahead. Planning permission should be through in the next week or two. We have had a few boys around chopping down trees, digging holes – and accidently breaking pipes – but it’s all moving ahead. I’ll keep on taking photos, so hopefully by the end I’ll have a good little account of it all.

25. The start of the work

Right I am off to bed. Tomorrow is the last day of school and Abi has an exhibition she is desperate for us to go to. Hope the summer in the UK is getting better – it’s been beautifully fresh and sunny here 🙂