So this is a picture of my Father’s work while he was over Christmas. After initially complaining that we had been rude enough to use all the wood he had cut last year he set about cutting more for winter this year. When he left the log shed was full, one less thing to worry about, and Jamie and I were very grateful. But having started to run the fire recently we have realised just what he has done. This is no ordinary log pile, it is infact a giant version of JENGA. The only difference from the game being that if you remove a log you shouldn’t there is a large chance you will be crushed. This year Dad has decided to challenge us – do we really need a fire? Could another jumper not just solve the issue? Am I clever enough to get the wood?! I have taken on this challenge and this is what I have learnt.

1. Do not collect wood with flip flops on
2. Do not place wheel barrow in escape route
3. If you cannot reach the top (I cannot), then with one eye on the pile yank out a bit of wood and run.

I will keep you updated on my survival as winter progresses.

So my darling little son has turned out to be an early riser – oh how lucky am I!! Occasionally even a pre 6am riser. So I am spending a lot of mornings watching early morning news. But on the weekends news does not start til 7. Instead I cruise through a lot of shopping channels, 3 channels on Chinese news, a few cartoons and the wonder that is V.I.P. Oh how did I not know about this program, anything with Pamela Anderson is a must watch surely! Basically Pammie is a lady named Valley (!) and is hired by a bodyguard agency as their figurehead and somehow solves every case though pure accident. The latest episode had most of the team trapped in a room, with remote watches on set to blow them up if they annoyed him and being watched by a camera (just one which couldn’t see the entire room) while the evil mastermind tried to kill his opposition in the computer market – who was being guarded by Pammie who of course took him on a shopping make over trip. Luckily despite all of this the team discovered one wall was fake and so made a big hole in it and took it in turns to charge about the city looking for Pammie. Who meanwhile had 3 clothing changes on one shopping changes. It is genius. I am now completely looking forward to next weekend. These are the