Happy very belated Easter.

1.Naked Fun2. Brotherly Love

We had a little visitor from the UK, some of you might remember our old neighbour Lennie who lived next door when we were at No 9. He was over visiting his daughter in Perth and decided to stop with us for a week. So he got a crash course in Langley crazy and 4 wheel driving – that lucky man! We had a quiet family time, everyone is so busy with the houses/motel that there’s no time for crazy parties.

3. My Boys

4. Posers

But the Easter Bunny did visit the kids twice and we had a nice family meal followed by an Easter hunt. I love the fact the kids still believe in the Easter bunny, even more adorable Jack was devastated after the hunt that he had missed the Easter bunny – he even got teary. Emma, Liam and Rosie came down for the weekend and over to the motel for a dinner on Saturday. Rosie didn’t quite get the whole Easter hunt, after she got one egg she settled down to munch – adorable! Abi and Jack on the other hand got it all too well, and picked the garden clean. Abi was good enough to show Jack where eggs were and shared hers around but she did pretty well with her haul.

5. Bubble Fun6. Stalking Meg

The next day was family time, and the Easter Bunny left eggs on the breakfast table – again Jack was distraught he had missed ‘Easter’ again. But they spent the rest of the day eating chocolate so by evening they were off their heads on sugar. One very stressed mother and a very late night. Now all the chocolate is on the top shelf and carefully dealt out. Abi has worked out that be using a stool she can just reach the shelf – sneaky munchkin!

7. Abi's award8. Bunny Hands

Just before Easter, on the last week of term, Abi got an award at school. Each week a child in each class is awarded for something they have done that week. For Abi it was for her reading, or rather for pointing at words, sounding them out and getting ready to read. She was proud but at the same time so embarrassed. When they called her name, her hands went into her bunny mode and she almost bunny hopped to the principal to accept her award. There was a lot of laughter, completely adorable but hopefully she’ll grow out of it by the time she attends job interviews, could be awkward otherwise!10. Award winners9. Abi

So it’s holiday time, I’ve been trying to take pictures of the kids together. Abi poses continuously, Jack still smiles but looks sideways for some reason and Zachary goes solemn at the sight of a camera. But I will get there!

11. Jamie annoying his son

12. Rosie munching

13. Emma and Jack

14. Easter Dinner

15. Rosie on an egg hunt17. Cousins at Easter16. Abi's haul

18. Breakfast

We were also spent the time getting ready for our first camping trip. Jamie has been perfecting his camper trailer and I’ve been trying to get all our stuff together. We attempted a camp in the backyard – disaster would be a step up from what we went through. Our bed was like a rock, Zachary refused to lie down on it and after an hour of screaming and running in and out everytime he woke up I gave up, strapped him to me and went out to roast marshmallows. I think we ate at about 9:30 and went to bed at 10. I got up at 6am and gave up all attempts at sleeping. Abi and I watched TV for a bit and then I took Zachary to bed, ahhh bliss. I will never leave you again my lovely bed. But the kids loved it, they love their sleeping bags and camp stretchers, loved the fire – plus I got them new PJs so that was just the icing on the cake as far as they were concerned.

19. Our Camp20. On the track

So the next plan was our weekend trip to the Grampians with the Warrnambool 4 wheel drive club. We left Friday, a little late as per usual (!) and then got lost on route so that led to a slightly stressful evening.  Zachary dislikes a break in his routine, and isn’t too impressed with camping so far. So in-between stirring our spag bol and trying to calm down my little screaming son I was getting a little stressed, not helped by Jamie driving off into the night trying to find a signal so he could put his footy tips in!

21. Amaing views

22. The Group

23. Kookaburras24. Attempted group shot

25. Game time

The kids loved in. They got into their new PJs, took their marshmallows over to the camp fire and had a whale of a time burning their mellows and running riot. The first night was pretty good, if a bit cold. Luckily I sleep between two men J. The next day Zachary decided 6am was a good wake up time. So we sat outside and watched the sun rise, and the kangaroos munch the grass around the tent. Zachary was less impressed than me. The first day we took off to find some 4 wheel drive tracks, a little bumpier than I imagined. Trying to feed a baby is not a simple thing while 4 wheel driving, luckily it’s a little safer when the baby doesn’t have teeth. Jamie was loving it, the kids were in the back screaming – from Abi we had ‘We’re all going to die’ and from Jack ‘I want to go home!’ but secretly I do think they loved it. We stopped at a few places and got some tips on photography, ate lunch while being bombarded by Kookaburras – not as fun as it might sound. Then finished off with another drive before getting ready for dinner.

26. Sink baths27. Hyper children

We had a quick trip the next day, another track and some sightseeing. The kids were distraught that we packed up with their camp stretchers. But hopefully we’ll be back in the tent before long. So we headed home to have a long overdue shower, make a shopping list for all the things we need for the next trip and attempt an unpack. Lennie left us on Wednesday to head home and now I am enjoying my last few days of holiday before we head back into the school term.

28. Family shot attempt29. Jamie's idea of fun

Latest news!! Chris (Jamie’s brother) and his wife Robbie have had a little baby girl called Isabelle Grace. So excited to be an Auntie again and I cannot wait to head up to Melbourne to meet her. Photos will follow!