2.Family Photo

There are some sentences no mother wants to hear from their 3 year old. This story is about one of them.

Jack and I are sitting on the sofa, I am jiggling Zachary on my lap and making faces while Jack stands behind me playing with my hair and making goo goo sounds at his brother.

Jack: ‘I had a poo’.

Me: (Seriously my kids share too much information sometimes) unfortunately his thread of conversation doesn’t stop there.

Jack: I didn’t do it in the toilet

Me: (You have to be kidding me) Now I am starting to wonder where the hell this poo of his is, and more importantly can I find it before someone steps in it or the dog eats it. But really I shouldn’t have bothered, I should have held off worrying until after he finished his ENTIRE conversation with me.

Jack: I just had a look at it in my hand and then I put it in the toilet.

Me: There are no words just a sinking realisation at this point. For all of you reading this that haven’t quite caught on, look back to the start of this blog entry and check out where Jack’s hands are….

Oh yes, my 3 year old son is running his poo-y hands through my hair. Now suddenly I can smell it, in fact I smelt it earlier but blamed the poor dog and threw her outside. Oh Motherhood how I love thee!

Now the poo bit is done let’s move onto other things 🙂

1.Jo and Steve

At the end of 2012 – feels an age ago now – Jo and Steve (Jamie’s cousin) got married. It was a beautiful day, with the reception overlooking East Beach and yummy food and great music. I actually miss weddings, not sure I will go to another one until my kids start to get married – wow that’s worrying.

4. 4 generations3.J's drunken photography

Port Fairy also hosted its first Rodeo. Picture hay bales galore and Stetsons – fantastic. Jack loved it; you couldn’t tear him away from the bull riding and the horses. Abi on the other hand lasted about 20 minutes before she dragged her Bubba to the bouncy slide on the other side and that was the last seen of her for most of the night!

4.Rodeo Fun5. The Kids

6. Beach Time

So Abi has started school, in fact there’s only 2 more weeks before the term ends and then she’ll be full time as of term 2. So far she loves it. A few weeks ago we had her sports day out in Warrnambool. You could tell the Prep parents as we were the ones stalking the fields with massive cameras! Her school house – the Lapwings – came second.

9. Sheer determination

She is very proud of the fact she managed to jump over the high jump without wobbling the pole, she came second in her sprint and first in her hurdle heat. I’d like to say her first place was well deserved but I think it was more down to the fact it was their first sport of the day and they were the first heat. So picture 4 5 year olds wandering down a track once the gun has fired, stopping at the first hurdle and glancing at each other and the crowd behind, then very carefully stepping over the hurdle. This continued to the end, I’m pretty sure Abi only won because she began at a sprint so by the time she slowed to a walk she was already a few metres in front. But still it was a great day and the kids loved it. I even managed to put Jack into day care for most of the day so Jamie and I just followed Abi from sport to sport with Zachary snoozing in the pram for most of the day.

10. Coming second11.Mummy is so funny

Our new camper trailer!!

12.Our new camper trailer!

Liam and Rosie (brother-in-law and niece) had their joint birthday party in March – 1st and 30th. Cannot believe how the time has flown. The kids loved the party, better yet they met their second cousin – or first cousin once removed or whatever it is – Zachary. It took Jack a while to realise we weren’t trying to trick him and that his name was the same as his brother’s. He hitched a ride back with us to Port Fairy, and I am figuring it will be the last time he ever does that. As the only sober person I am driving, while our Zachary has just woken up from a long sleep and is not happy about being in car or being off the boob. So Zac is trying everything to keep him happy. Meanwhile the kids are hyped off their heads in the back shouting along with songs, demanding Zac plays rock, paper, scissors with them and basically just repeating his name continuously just for the joy of getting his attention. Jamie is in the front,  desperate for a wee and I am refusing to stop until we get home. Ahh good old fashioned family fun.

13.Birthday Time

So today I will finish with my newest little boy. He’s now 3 months, 8 kgs and heading into 6 – 9 month clothing. He’s bestowing smiles on anyone who pays him the slightest bit of attention and beginning to laugh – mostly at his father. I cannot believe how fast time goes by and how much he has changed. More so as Charlotte (English friend here) has just had her third baby, and her first little girl, who is so teeny. I got a cuddle last week and I’d already forgotten how wobbly and delicate newborns are compared to my bruiser of a son.

19.Funtime18.One Hot Day

17.Hanging out16.Folkie Fun

So Folkie weekend was last weekend, Abi and her school got to do a little concert in one of the tents before it all began. I think there were about 6 schools there in all, and it was basically a rerun of the concert they had at her school earlier in the weekend and the one I get every day but still 5 year olds singing a Wombat song never gets old! The weekend signalled for me the end of summer, and after 11 days or so straight of over 30 degrees this morning I have my ugg boots on. Hello Autumn. So I am going to sit on the sofa under a blanket with the kids and watch cartoons while Jamie and Zachary recover from their nights.

15.Folkie Concert14.Daddy and Zachary

Jack current song choices – Who let the dogs out, Gangum Style, You are a Dinosaur (which sounds fine until you realise it’s actually girls singing about being hit on by old men)