Most of you reading this will already know we have a new member of the family, Zachary was born on my birthday – 3rd Dec – and is now just over 3 weeks old. Which seems crazy, because I cannot imagine this family without him in it now, although I wouldn’t say no to more sleep.

He’s a good boy, although every time I say that I have a shocker of a night so maybe I should start telling people he is a horror. The details are as follows, 1hr 55 mins of labour, born 12:25am, weighing 8lbs 11 – and now a nice fat 9lb 10. Same head size as his brother but the same length as his sister was. Despite being my biggest baby so far he does seem more delicate that Jack ever was, more like Abi when she was born. But maybe that’s because after a 5 and 3 year old all babies seems small and delicate!

So Mr Zachary has been in the household, creating chaos and upsetting Jamie’s precious sleep – my heart bleeds for him. The kids have adapted pretty well, there were some tears in the first few days. Jack broke my heart when he came to the hospital. When it was time to leave he realised I wasn’t coming with him, so he started to cry, just little tears down his face and as he walked to the door he kept turning around to wave at me and say ‘Goodbye Mummy’. Then Jamie made it worse by telling me as they drove away he was crying and waving out the window at the hospital while still saying ‘Goodbye Mummy’. Poor bubs. But I am home now, and both kids make good baby holders when I need to do things, although Abi is a little more trustworthy. Jack tends to start freaking out when Zachary cries – ‘The baby is getting cranky Mummy!’

So the next big thing on the list was Abi’s last day at kinder and her kinder concert. I still cannot believe she is going to school next year, it has already come around way too fast. So in celebration, here’s a little video of Abi’s favourite song of the concert. Watch her get more and more angry as she keeps knocking her reindeer antlers off her head!

Mum and Dad arrived in time for the birth and in time for Jamie’s Supermarket sweep. He bid for it in an auction and won it for $500, so started the obsession. At random times during the day I would get phone calls where he would whisper into the phone about what he was looking at as he stalked the aisles. Then he moved into taking a basket and practising how easy it would be to sweep items off the aisles. I am pretty sure everyone knew what he was up to. For those of you who know Jamie, you know the levels his planning goes to! So just for you here is a little clip of Jamie on his supermarket sweep (he made $620, so he is already planning to top that next year!)

Finally Christmas arrived, with all the usual chaos. We had 15 for lunch, 6 babies and 4 dogs. It was chaos, just the way Christmas day should be. It took 2 hours to open all the presents, and the kids were spoilt to the max with the attention and gifts. It was lovely and sunny, with maybe a few too many flies but a great day. I now need a holiday to get over it all!

Finally just for fun Jack has been practising curling the sides of his tongue up as both Abi and Jamie can do it. I found this on my phone after letting him borrow it in the car

Abi’s great comment of the holidays so far. After being told we were going to Church on Christmas morning her response was;

‘Again?! We’ve just been. The story of Jesus is so boring, I’ve heard so many times’.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a fabby New Year.

1.Snug as a Bug 15.Building the Cubby with Daryl 16.Christmas Morning Surprise! 17.Christmas Lunch 18.Christmas Lunch1 19.Digging in 20.Linda and Peter and grandkids 21. Great Grandpop John 22. Christmas presents 23. Christmas cheer 24. Superman!! 25. An hour in and more presents 26. All tuckered out 14.Koalas in the garden 13.When grandparents come to stay.. 12.The start of the presents 11.Christmas Cuddles 10.Abi and Lawson 9.Like Father like Son 8.Family Fun 7.Abi's kinder concert 6.Buba and grandson 5.Smashing the bath 4.Permanent Babysitter 3.Proud Grandparents 2.With his big sister