28.Baby Chick outing1.Cake Beginnings2.Not even looking like anything3.A dinosaur!4.Glitter tattoos5.Singing Happy Birthday6.Hanging with Daddy7.Port Fairy Show8.Abi bouncing9.Being dragged by Meg10.Best friends11.Next year's present Daddy please!12.Abi and Humbolt13.Cooper's 1st Birthday14.Em, Liam and Rosie15. On the water16.Pau Pau and Jack17.Sharon and Abi18.Peter's Party19.The gift20.Em and Chris21.Burning rubber with Daddy22.Hanging with Uncle Liam23.Bubble games24.Abi and Milly25. All the cousins26.Shower pre destruction27. No shower

So I am killing time before this one finally decides to arrive and thought I should get a blog entry out of the way. Plus it’s Birthday Season so there’s been a lot going on.

We had a little party for Jack’s 3rd birthday and he went for Dinosaurs – at least until the day before when it became half a dozen other things which I ignored. So I attempted a Dinosaur cake, half way through I called Jamie close to breaking point and demanded he come home as it looked like something had basically sneezed orange icing on my cake. He talked me off the ledge, and although it will never be admired for its beauty it wasn’t half bad in the end. At least Jack was ecstatic. He had a great day, played pass the parcel, ran riot, got a few new swords and dinos which have been living in his bed ever since. So now my little boy is 3, and thanks to his sister keeps pointing out he is no longer my baby. It would break my heart – and still kind of does – but at least I am growing a replacement. Kidding!!

The Port Fairy Show was in November, and I got burnt to a crisp watching the kids go on every ride possible at least twice. We entered Meg in the waggiest tail competition which was carnage, she dragged Abi all over the ring while I sat and laughed. Being pregnant has its perks! But it was a great day and the kids loved it. Plus they went to bed early and slept late so no complaints from this corner.

Next was Cooper – Jo and Steve’s little boy – and his first birthday. We had a picnic down at a huge playground in Warrnambool. The kids got rides on the water with Pauline and Sharon and I got to eat yummy cake and sit around in the sunshine. Cannot believe how fast time flies, everyone seems to be growing so fast or maybe I am just getting old.

Mum and Dad arrived last week, in fact they managed to arrive on the hottest day so far, a lovely 38 degrees. In which they had to wait 5 hours for a train and then take a 5 hr train journey to us as the heat meant the trains were on a go slow. Apparently only a few carriages had air conditioning so I am impressed they were not puddles when I finally picked them up. I cranked the air con at home and in the car – and even that was not quite enough for me. The kids were over the moon, desperate to show them everything – mostly things they had already seen. Plus they got sticker gifts and little surprises, that used to me once upon a time! I think they are over the worst of the jet lag and at the moment Jamie and Dad are pulling out our shower – stay tuned for that.

This weekend was Peter’s 60th Party – Linda’s Birthday today and mine tomorrow – so it’s getting crowded at the end of the year with Langleys. We had everyone out at ours and the weather was pretty nice until later on. As usual despite being told we were eating lunch I think we finally ate at 7pm but it was such a fun day. Peter got a golf cart, and everyone got a ride. Jack completely freaked out but Abi had a whale of a time clinging to the back. She will be the cause of all my grey hairs, I just know it. Lucky for me the baby is happily staying where it is as Jamie was so drunk I am to shoehorn him out of his car at 9pm after I realised he had been missing for an hour or so. Apparently he’s only a little foggy this morning but I guess 11 hours straight sleep will do that for you!

Now he has decided it is time for a new shower, so has started to rip out the old one. The down side of this is that we may well be without a shower for 2 weeks as we wait for a built from scratch shower screen.  Not the best news to greet my parents with but I guess at the end it will be worth it, I hope.

So now it’s Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining and the baby chicks have ventured out of their nesting area for the first time so I think I am going to spend the rest of the day in the hammock having stern words with this baby.