So my little girl has finally turned 5, which might seem no big deal to most people reading this but for me it feels like a huge turning point. I got a little emotional – I partly blame the pregnancy and my conversation with Abi went as follows:

Abi: Why will you cry when I go to school Mummy?

Me: Because you’ll be going every day, apart from the weekends, and I won’t see you until the afternoon. I’ll miss you.

Abi: (with a very earnest expression, and her hand on mine) It’s alright Mummy, I will come back

So for her big 5th birthday she decided it was Peppa Pig all the way – a rerun of her 2nd birthday. She pretty much invited most of her kinder class and with all her other friends we had about 28 kids charging around the house that day. I thought Jamie would have a fit, especially when I pointed out 2 boys throwing stones in his precious pond. I can honestly say as much fun as it was I think maybe we might cap the numbers next year. But Abi had an amazing time, she was spoilt rotten, she loved her cake – which again I was up until 1am making. I have no idea why I cannot seem to create her cakes at more reasonable times of the day. It’s like a subconscious order that it must be the last think I create and ideally should not start until after 11 at night. Maybe next year I might get a handle on it.

We played pin the tail on Daddy Pig, which was a hit with everyone but Abi. She has inherited Jamie’s inability to accept failure. She was distraught when she did not get it right first time. How do you explain to a 5 year old that half the fun of the game is laughing at how wrong the guesses are??

We also celebrated my beautiful niece, Milly’s first birthday, in Melbourne. Cannot believe she is one already, time seems to be sailing past these days. So Abi and Jack got to hang out with their cousins and second cousins or whatever the definition is. We spent the weekend in the sunshine up in Melbourne and then on the Monday went to the Melbourne Show.

The show is massive and filled with animals, rides, stalls, basically you name it and it’s there. We spent the day patting animals, eating freebies, going on rides – or in Abi’s case one ride and then a refusal to go on any others. It was all a bit much for Jack, he spent the first hour shell shocked in his pushchair with his hands over his ears but he warmed up on a few baby rides and loved the Giant Wheel. We all froze to death, the weather turned as we climbed on board and poor Abi had left her jumper down below – although think she kind of enjoyed the fuss as she refused my jumper. We didn’t leave until 6pm by which point Jack had passed out in his pushchair and we were all ready for home, unfortunately it was still a 3 hour drive away!

Jack and Abi are obsessed with He man, She ra and thundercats, constantly running around the house waving things in the air and shouting “By the power of greyskull”. Jack’s newest insult is to call people Bone Brain, which apparently is what Skeletor gets called. So as a treat after Abi’s birthday and to spend the money her Great Grandpop gave her we went to toy world. Jack settled on a $3 sword which he has slept with every since – no is allowed to touch the sword of power!

I am 32 weeks and getting bigger every week, last weekend as I was buying my new hot pink iron – yes I accept it is sad to be excited about a new iron but it’s pink!! Anyway the woman serving me commented on my lovely bump with ‘You must be almost due’ to which I had to point out I still had 9 weeks to go. Not much you can say to that in reply I have discovered.

Jamie has finished his beautiful path, although he is not happy with it apparently. He is not redoing it anytime in the near future. Between the large hills of dirt everywhere and the early mornings trying to finish it I am satisfied it’s just perfect. Plus he managed it just before Abi’s party, one less thing to worry about.

It’s been a beautiful week this week, lovely and hot. So we have been picnicking in the garden and heading to the beach where Abi – as per usual – as been stripping naked on seeing the sea. But I woke up this morning to rain so think we have finished that brief sunshine blip for a while. Roll on summer please!