Gusty pointed out today that I am turning a little bit Australian. I called her up to complain about how cold it was – a freezing 11 degrees. She gave me a much needed ear clip. But seriously it has been raining since last night and shows no signs of stopping; the chickens are currently practicing breast stroke in the car park. Plus I have a never ending cold, damn children and their bugs, so everything seems grey today. But since I am spending the day in bed I have decided to make use of my time and finally write another blog entry. Not sure it will be that exciting since life has been quiet of late but still.

The first lot of my exciting news is that we have whales in the bay. I took the kids yesterday on the way back from kinder – Abi’s little friend Humboldt was with us – and the pair of them spent most of the time shouting ‘Shark’ every time they saw a fin. But it was definitely a whale, in face 5. They have been here over a week I think now, just playing in the bay and sometimes coming quite close to shore. I’ll try and get out again when the rain stops and see whether I can catch a tail, at the moment they seem content to roll on their backs and just wave.

Last weekend we went up to Melbourne for Jamie’s Nana’s 80th party which was lots of fun. Got to hang out with in laws and the kids played with their cousins, and second cousins or first cousins once removed or whatever they are. Classic comment of the night was when Jamie was trying to set up the gps on my phone so I could get back to Chris and Robbie’s house. As he finished typing it all in he took a swig of his drink and said the following:

Jamie: ‘Someone’s spiked my drink.’

Me: ‘With that?

Jamie: ‘I don’t know, but it tastes weird’

Me: ‘What are you drinking?

Jamie: ‘Southern Comfort and Coke’. He then takes another glug. ‘Oh wait I forgot to put any coke in it.’

I went home with the kids at that stage and left him behind to come home with his brother and parents. Turns out it was a good idea as for the entire 45 minute journey with his Mum driving he decided to imitate a sat nav….’turn left at the traffic lights, 300 metres, 200, 100, 50, now.’ I am surprised he made it home; I would have made him walk it.

We also had little Rosie’s christening – Emma and Liam’s daughter, which lots of fun. She is such a good little girl and the kids love her and Milly. It’s good training for when their little brother or sister comes along.

On that front I am starting to seriously pop, the baby is beginning its stretching but so far as been quite restrained. Probably because it is only the size of a mango. Jamie has finally bought ambulance cover, which is a relief, so should it all go a little pear shaped and I deliver on the side of the road we won’t get hit by a 2 grand fee when the ambulance arrives to collect me! I just have to get through the next 61 days before the cover kicks in – pre existing condition and all that.

Jamie has decided to create a new pathway around the front/back of the house. I came home one Saturday to find Daryl – our neighbour – and Jamie using the bobcat to dig up the path. Now I have 2 piles of mud and a river/path of mud and I am not sure this rain will help matters. They managed to crack a rain water pipe that wasn’t buried deep enough and it took Jamie 3 goes to fix it – there were a lot of farm words being used during those times. It will look good once it’s done, and hopefully it will be done by Abi’s birthday. There will probably be about 30 kids running riot in the garden on that day – I think I made Jamie cry with that information!

So all in all just a pottering couple of months. The kids are good, Abi is finally enrolled in a school for next Feb and Jack is getting bigger and less chubby every day – very sad for me.  They love their dog, who is getting quite sneaky these days. She is eating more chicken eggs than I think is probably good for her and she has perfected the art of slipping into the kids’ beds at night and taking up all the space without them waking. So that’s all the news from me. I am now going to do battle with the rain and get the kids out of the house for a bit before they kill each other xxx