So for about the last month I have been swearing I would do a blog, but apparently I am easily distracted these days. But I finally make it back. So what has been happening, well it’s cold and rainy, the heater has been going non-stop and to top it all 2 weeks ago we discovered that we were out of water. Most of you probably heard my rant on facebook but basically all our gutters guards have been covered in green slime for months so no water has been getting into our tank. It was timed brilliantly in one way, at least it wasn’t summer with no rain in sight for weeks. But on the other this occurred the morning after Abi spent the night throwing up so I had stacks of sick laundry to do and no water with which to do it. Delightful smelling house for a while there. But all’s well that ends well, it has spent the last 2 weeks pouring so we are back up to capacity now.

First set of news is we have a new puppy. Her name is Meg and she is a Hungarian Vizsla, and apparently the reason I have no eggs these days. I caught her munching on one this morning from the cat bed – don’t ask – and saved one from her jaws this afternoon straight out of the coop. It explains her beautiful coat I suppose. She is lovely, very bouncy, with a tendency to steal off the children’s plates at the drop of a hat. She loves nothing more that sleeping in front of the fire or as close as she can get without setting herself on fire. She’s made friends with one of the dogs from next door, and every couple of days I get a call from the neighbours looking for their dog. She’s been teaching Meg to chase chickens and bark at the cows, so not sure we should be encouraging that friendship.

Our big news was Emma’s 30th last week. We all headed down to Apollo Bay for a 3 day surprise at a house on 28 acres of bush. It was gorgeous, set right in the middle and filled with Parrots and Kookaburras you could feed out of your hands – or head as Abi discovered. She also learnt not to try and hug wild birds, they don’ t take kindly to it – not sure picture for the moment after shot 🙂 We spent 3 days hanging out, playing games, doing a little bit of drinking and a lot of eating. I think I put on 2 kgs while we were away and I am not sure I can blame the baby for that.

I am almost half way how, or will be as of the end of the week. We have our big scan on Monday and no I am not finding out the flavour. Although I did point out to Jamie that if it had a head on it like a melon we know we have another boy on his way. Feels like it is still not very real but since I am starting to feel a bit like a whale I guess it will all become real soon enough.

It’s holiday time at the moment, which means no running around like a crazy person each morning trying, and failing, to get out of the house on time. Instead this holiday is school picking time. We have 3 weeks to decide where we are going to send Abi next year. Feels like the time has gone too fast, and already I know I will be a sobbing mess on her first day. Pity my daughter for her embarrassing mother!

Right I am off to feed the chickens, stoke the fire and attempt to make a baby hooded towel. Can’t for the life of me work out where I put all my baby stuff. Somewhere safe no doubt.