After 2 months we have finally make it back to Oz, just in time in fact to drive home through torrential rain. Jamie is not impressed, especially as the day after we left England has a beautiful sunny non rain day :). But despite the never ending presence of rain we had an amazing 2 months in the UK.

After 4 weeks Jamie finally hopped a plane to come and join the holiday and the kids were so excited. We all headed to Heathrow to pick him up and after the kids jumped all over him and smothered him with kisses and gobble I managed to get a look in. On the way back to the car I told him about the newest addition to the family, the conversation went something like this…

Jamie: I feel really bad, I got your parents something and the kids but I didn’t know what to get you.

Me: Don’t worry you’ve already given me my present

Jamie: (Blank expression)

Me: It’s in my belly

Jamie: Oh yeah, whatever

Me: Seriously I’m pregnant

Jamie: Very funny

Me: I am, I am about 6-7 weeks pregnant

At this point there was lots of bouncing and barely contained excitement. I had to reel him back in so he didn’t spill the news in front of Dad who still didn’t know. We told my parents when we got home and my Mum promptly burst into tears. So from that point at least I could stop having to think of excuses as to why I was not 100% each morning, not sure how much longer I could have gotten away with it.

The day after Jamie arrived we spent the day at Godstone Farm with friends and little ones. Then the next weekend we went to Peppa Pig world with Glenn, Fi, Ryan and Erin. I think I was more excited that the kids. It was the best day there, despite a couple of showers and one complete brief downpour. Abi loved the roller coasters, apart from the water slide – you can see the complete fear in one of the pictures below! Jack on the other hand was scarred for life when Jamie insisted on taking him on a rollercoaster the moment we got there. After that he stuck to those little rides you find outside shopping centres and supermarkets, good thing you rode those for free or he would have bankrupted me!

Then we had the big day, Claire and Ben’s wedding. Despite missing my last fitting and flapping over my shoes tangling my dress we made it to the hotel on Friday night. Had the most amazing dinner with the Kinneys and Stevensons the night before and attempted to get the kids into bed to get enough sleep for the big day (disaster area).

Despite the rain it was such an amazing day. Claire looked beautiful and the church service was lovely. I did have to do some subtle nodding to Jamie to remove Jack from the service as he decided the wedding vows were the time to get vocal. Abi got bored and wanted to go and join Grandma and Bubba but we managed to make it out of the service with little bloodshed – but a few tears. Luckily Ben’s sister is just as bad as me so at least I wasn’t alone in my little breakdown 🙂

The venue was just next door so we all walked over and had photos and drinks and nibbles before the lunch/dinner. The kids went back to the venue with Jamie and Bubba for some quiet time before speeches. Then they spent the rest of the evening running riot with Ben’s niece and nephew. So we danced, drank, took loads of photos of the new couple and collapsed into bed just before midnight. I said goodbye to Claire and Ben the next day and drove home through a complete thunderstorm, suited my mood. I hate goodbyes.

The last 10 days of our stay were a bit quieter, especially as we realised they over the wedding Jack had broken out in chickenpox. With no more than 20 spots by Monday we hadn’t actually noticed over the weekend – great parenting, so who knows who we infected – those were fun phone calls to make! But it was pretty mild and he didn’t even seem to notice so we got off lightly. After the infectious stage we had a last NCT meeting and on the bank holiday Monday even managed to get all the kids together followed by an evening with the Lavenders. Then the last days we spent doing all the important things like buying large blocks of chocolate, half kilo tubs of marmite – not for me – blah. And Jamie got his wish and spent an oh so boring afternoon in TK Max, Abi and I slumped on the floor and whined for most of it.

So now it’s done and we are already back into the swing of things over here. It was a bit sad to come home and find Abi’s cat, Tink, missing. It’s been a week and there’s no sign so I am going to assume he’s not coming back. She doesn’t seem to understand really, her latest announcement was the she knew why Tink was missing, it was because he had gone looking for her as she had been away too long. We also have a new chick. While we were away one of the clucky chickens sat on a few hens so there is a new baby in the bunch, I will be seriously peeved if it turns out to be a rooster.

So there it is or UK Trip. It was great to see everyone and catch up, felt like I had never been away so hopefully next time we make it over it will be the same. Enjoy the summer xxxxx