The kids and I arrived back to a balmy 9 degrees! Mum and Dad met them with thick coats at the airport but they were so excited to see them I’m not sure they noticed the cold. The jet lag took a few days, Mum was up the first night at 3am- I managed to sleep through all noise that night! Abi was bright as a button and apparently they took an early morning walk to pick flowers once the sun came up. They are pretty much sleeping through although since I spent 2 nights away on Claire’s hen do Jack has been up the last few nights sobbing that he can’t find me. I think I have emotionally damaged my children.

The first week we went to Belfast to visit my Grandmother. The kids loved her to bits, especially Abi as she let her do her makeup for her and practice putting on face powder and lipstick. A 4 yr old girl’s dream! Then we went down to Somerset to visit friends and family, and ended up on the beach with a naked child. No surprise there then.

The last week and a bit has been filled with visiting friends, the park, the library, getting sun burnt – yes entirely possible in the UK! I caught up with my old NCT guys and Abi was very taken with Noah. But apparently this is fine as she still loves Humbolt too.

This weekend was Claire’s hen do. We drove up the Milton Keynes and stayed at a YH for the weekend. Saturday was sledging, much more violent than I imagined it would be with numerous crashes and bruises. Then a party bus for an hour before heading back for Cocktail Making, pizza and games. We slept in bunk beds all weekend, and it kinds of felt like being back at school!

I’m now shattered and seriously contemplating an afternoon nap. Instead I have to practice driving the people carrier in preparation for heading to Purley tomorrow. I’ll be on the road at about 9:30 so anyone in the area be warned!!