Jack has given me his cold so I am using this as an excuse to stay in bed and write this new blog entry. Abi is furious that I won’t let her watch a DVD on the laptop so this will have to be quick. A 4yr old’s dark looks are chilling!

So summer looks like it’s on its way out – I’m sure you will all be pleased not to be constantly reminded that I am spending time at the beach will you slosh through the snow to work J. Before summer headed off we had the last of the Moyneyana Festival and the free kids funfair. It was just a little one on the green but Jack got to ride around with his favourite lady.

Our latest adventure was a trip to Melbourne Aquarium. It all sounded like such a great plan the day before but when the alarm went off at 4:45am I was rethinking it! The kids were pretty good despite the early morning rise, all excited about catching the train. Luckily the train wasn’t too full until nearer the end of the journey so they spread out, made a mess and generally had fun. For the last hour there was a brave lady sitting on the edge of our seats and Jack was very taken with her toenail polish. I kept snatching his hand away from stroking her toes – bizarre foot fetish in the making. We piled off the train with the commuters and I pushed my lazy child and their billion toys and books to the aquarium to meet Gusty and her kids.

It was such a fun day. They loved the huge fish tanks, where we had lunch there was a huge round tank and the kids ate nothing and spent all their time running around it trying to catch the fish. We were lucky at the beginning that there were hardly any kids around and one of the members of staff on their way through stopped to tell the kids what all the fish were.

We saw sting rays being fed and sharks, the kids got to feed some fish too and I just saved Abi from falling in head first as she decided to climb the rail and then lean over the side to grab some of the fish food she had dropped on the ledge. Be still my heart. I am pretty sure the sharks and sting rays would not have done damage but still better safe than sorry.

By 3pm Abi and Jack were flagging, so the gift shop was a disaster area. Jack fell asleep clutching his bag of rubber sea creatures and Abi burst into tears when I tried to persuade her to return one of her 3 stuffed toys to the shelves. We saw Gusty and the kids off and then went to have a coffee with Jamie’s cousin Sharon – Abi slept through the entire encounter. I then made my train with about 30 seconds to spare – last one of the day, that would not have been good to miss. I was all ready for a nap when the kids eat their burgers and found a second wind. The train was packed but their very good for at least an hour, Jack ruined it by throwing an octopus at the man opposite having a nap. He promptly levitated 3 foot in the air but luckily found it amusing.

It was a really great but long day. Probably not going to repeat that one again anytime soon. Now everything is back in play. Abi has started her 4 yr old kinder and loves it. Jack started day care and hates it so this week we gave that up. I am not built to deal with sobbing kids being peeled out of my arms. Playgroup is back, and I have perfected my play dough recipe! 4 weeks to go and I will be flying into Heathrow. See you all soon!!