…And to all a good night. One of my favourite lines. It’s Christmas Eve but I could not resist another blog entry. Things have been pretty busy the last few weeks and Christmas seems to have suddenly appeared on my doorstep and is battering the door down. But apart from one missing Amazon package and a bit of fabric I think I might actually be ready. I have never done a Christmas lunch before so it could all end in tears but we’ll see.

Mum and Dad arrived on the 11th to lots of screaming and a classic Abi request of a surprise before they had even put their cases down. I think Mum lasted a while week of fairy stickers and whatnot before the novelty wore off! Dad went straight back to chopping things up and sticking stuff up, it’s as if they have never been away.

The last week has been pretty busy with the last Rhyme time of the holiday, which meant Santa pictures, tree decorations, chocolate and attempts at Christmas songs. Then I had a day to get ready for the final playgroup. We had a little Christmas party, and Santa (AKA Dad) came. Half the kids screamed in fear and the other half were slightly worried but willing to accept a present. Abi was not the slightest bit fooled, and the conversation ran something like:

Santa: Ho Ho Ho. Hello little girl, and what’s your name?

Abi: (With eye roll) Don’t be silly Buba

Apart from that blip it was a great party, all the kids had a blast. It’s nice to be able to show Mum and Dad what happens with life when they are not here as well.

The sun came out and we spent some time at the beach, the kids were clothed for all of 2 minutes before once again becoming the only naked kids on the beach. Apparently we are heading for a blazing Christmas this year, it’s been lovely the last few days so hopefully a BBQ won’t be the wrong choice!

Friday was Abi’s last day of 3 yr old kinder. They gave us a little booklet of with entries for each week and what they had done, with photos. Plus a little collage of Abi’s shots during the year. Can’t believe how much she has changed. They also put on a little concert, the entire Langley clan came for that, and Abi was a Christmas Angel. It was so sweet, although probably only to parents and family. For everyone else it was probably completely out of tune! I will attempt to upload a video of it once I have worked out how to turn it sideways.

We also managed to get a tree and some decorations. It’s our first tree ever, so I got a bit excited. Jamie spent a good half an hour trying to work out how to wind 22 metres of lights over the tree but he managed it. Then Abi helped add the rest, Jack was banned after he started throwing baubles at people. He’s a bad influence on the cat who also spent some time trying to declutter the tree and is now banned from the living room without supervision. We also filled our pond with fish, thanks to our next door neighbour and a water trough. We had to empty most of it to get at the sneaky little buggers but I think we picked up around 20, they have now disappeared into the slightly cloudy pond but hopefully they are still there. And Jamie has created his masterpiece – a smoker for Christmas Day. He has worked so hard on it, sometimes night after night until late. I’ll let you know later how it goes on the day.

The big thing for us was Abi’s operation on Monday. I spent most of Sunday night pretty nervous and we tried to explain it a few times to her but I didn’t want to freak her out. She was pretty good at being woken at 6:30, and happy to natter away in the back seat. The nurses were lovely and although Abi got a little shy she was fine. The only time she got upset was when they could not find a vein in her arm to add the IV. Personally I would have preferred they knock her out as it upset her a lot and she’s got a huge bruise on her hand even now. But they gave her a little sedative and let me come in and hold her while she fell asleep. I think they must be used to emotional mothers as everyone steered me in the right direction, took off my rather fetching gown and returned me to Jamie with limited input from me. Jamie and I had breakfast at the local McDs and then went back to wait. Once she was awake I was allowed back to see her and she was very out of it still but had a few bites of a lolly. Apparently the nurse in recovery said she sat up bolt up in the bed when she woke up and asked if her tonsils were out yet. She took a few hours to wake up properly but pretty soon she was almost back to normal. She drank a load of leftover coke, ate 3 chocolate spread sandwiches and was pretty chipper. The Dr popped by and said he’d see what she was like in a few hours to be safe. Then a head nurse came through an hour later while she was tucking into a cheeseburger, fries and a vanilla shake and decided she was probably just fine to go home. Since then she has almost been back to normal bar a bit of weepiness and clinging to Mummy a lot. I think we got lucky, we left one girl hysterical in the next door room and the one in ours pale as a ghost and eating nothing. She’s been spoilt rotten all week now with pancakes, ice cream and whatever she desires. Think I might be creating a monster when the special treatment ends.

But all in all I am just glad we are all ready for Christmas. Almost all my presents are wrapped – just Abi’s quilt to go. Jack’s will have to wait as the post has eaten my last piece of fabric but I’m sure he won’t mind. The milk, cookies and carrots are out, the presents ready to go and the stockings have been hung on the mantelpiece with care…. So Merry Christmas everyone, hope you had an amazing day!