Hello Peeps.

 This is my pre Christmas blog since pretty soon I am going to be up to my ears in parents and presents. Apparently Mum and Dad have done a first pack and have exactly 1/3 of a suitcase for clothes; the other 1 and 2/3s is presents. I don’t even want to imagine what it would be like if Mum stopped holding back each year – her claim not mine.

 Anyway we have been busy since I last blogged on. Ha ha, man I am tired and hot. So since last time we still have not quite booked flights home but apparently Jamie is on it now he has built his water feature and refilled the pond. Take a look at the photos, I have to say I am very proud of him. He worked his butt off and it looks amazing.

Have taken a little video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w9rcBT2ihc

The kids keep asking if they can go swimming in it so we’re having water safety chat. It is quite a bit deeper than before so I will have to keep an eye on any visitors. Jamie’s little helper, Reece, has been clearing up the garden so now I have to try and fill up all the newly weeded patches. Slightly harder than it sounds as the chickens love scratching in freshly dug dirt. Which means every time I plant seeds they scratch them all up and eat them. We’re up to 15 eggs a day now and our little ones have moved in with the biggies, although they don’t venture further than the gate and still run chipping madly if I look at them sideways.

We had a week of birthdays over here. Peter is the 28th, Peter’s Dad the 1st, Linda the second and I’m the 3rd. So we had a family gathering in a slightly windy, overcast and occasionally spitting Port Fairy. But it was a really fun day. We went to see Emma’s school in their Christmas Parade in the morning, made some Christmas tree decorations and Abi sat on Santa’s lap. Jack refused point blank and lay on the floor instead. Then we spent the afternoon at the party, although Abi started running a temp and spent most of the party wrapped in a blanket on my lap. She was fine the next day so I guess she just needed some extra sleep! It did mean I got just sit and request Jamie bring me drinks and food 🙂

 But Christmas really feels like it’s on its way now despite the sudden rise in temp and the sunshine. Every shop has their Christmas songs going, I’ve got my hands on a Santa suit for our playgroup Christmas party next week and my cupboards are starting to look like Santa’s grotto. I cannot wait to put up a real Christmas tree in our house for the first time and get it all ready for Santa. This will be our first Christmas tree ever; usually we just gate crash Mum and Dad’s. But this year I get to decorate my own tree, eat Santa’s biscuits, drink his milk and chomp some carrots. In fact I am off to make mince pies in a bit, yummy. So hope all is well wherever you all are. Will be thinking of you when I am on the beach later with my mince pies! .