Finally I have made it past Jamie’s birthday, do you have any idea how hard it has been to keep a secret from him for this long?? The nearer it got the harder it became, I have no idea how many times I almost let slip but it was worth it. Jamie will hate me but see the youtube clip below for proof:

Our birthday present to Jamie was flying Glenn out for his party. Even I have to admit that I am not sure I could top that one. Glenn, Fi and I have been in cahoots for months now, secret text messages and emails. I had to put a lock on my phone since Jamie is too untrustworthy. He almost stumbled on us when he read the first few lines of a text messages concerning Glenn’s flight but luckily he thought it was something we were organizing for when we went back to the UK next year. In fact I probably made him more suspicious with my not so subtle questioning as to what he had read. A week to go and I was pretty sure he had no clue although everyone else seemed to think he had got it sussed.

Glenn arrived at Melbourne on Wednesday evening Oct 5th; Chris kindly took time out of his birthday to pick him up, housed him for the night and put him on the train to me the next morning. My 7:30am text read ‘The package has been sent express delivery’. Hee Hee. I had butterflies all morning, not helped by having to follow Jamie over to Warrnambool to drop his car off and then drive him back to work. I hurried him along by claiming I was meant to be at Gusty’s house at 10am. I was just retelling him this on the journey in as we sailed past Gusty heading out of Port Fairy at 10:15 – curses!! Luckily Jamie accepted my extremely fake surprise at why she was not at home awaiting our arrival. So I threw Jamie out of the can and raced back to Warrnambool to collect Glenn from the train station. We pit stopped at KFC – after 4 hours on a bus Glenn was ready to eat crumbs off the carpet and then sailed back to Port Fairy. One quick call to Pauline to warn her and we snuck in the back way of the motel.

I left Glenn in reception and Jamie knew something was up but very suspiciously allowed me to beckon him over and start filming – you can see the rest. So that was the start of a weekend of drinking and parties. Jamie’s big party was on Saturday, after a Friday night in The Star. It was family and a few friends for a really great day. Abi and Jack meet their new cousin Millicent, who they are both besotted with. There were bumps and children everywhere, a little different from his 30th!

 I left Jamie, Glenn and Darryl – the next door neighbor – talking rubbish at 11pm. Jamie has no memory of going to bed, just waking full dressed in bed at 3am with a jack hammer in his head. J We spent Sunday recovering, watching his birthday video messages (thank you everyone) and visiting the beach at Port Fairy so Glenn could see a little bit of the place he came to. Then all too soon it was Monday, Jamie and Glenn took off at midday to see the Twelve Apostles and head to the airport.

It has been a crazy few weeks and I finally feel like I can take a moment and relax. I am so overdue sometime in the garden; my struggling veggies are being swallowed whole by weeds. I now have a load of sugar snap peas, a couple of pumpkin, sunflowers, garlic and carrots. The strawberries are slowly appearing and the chickens have eaten most of the tomato plants so I’ll have to start again with those. All the fruit trees are blossoming and things I thought were weeds and starting to produce flowers – so maybe it’s not such a bad thing I have not made it out to the garden for a while.

 We also have 2 more weeks before more chicken eggs start to hatch. We have a few duck eggs the neighbours asked us to hatch for them – cannot wait for baby ducks :). Summer is finally on its way, hay season has started and I am drugged up to my eyeballs to try and hold hayfever at bay – it is not working. I will try and get some pictures of the garden up once I sort out my weeds and it starts to look pretty. Will be thinking of you all as you head into winter 🙂