Well it’s been a busy month. My Mum arrived at the start of September and the kids were ecstatic, even Jack. Dad had spent the previous few weeks pointing out pictures of Grandma and telling him who she was and it seems to have worked a charm. This was further cemented by her willingness to read continuous stories to them both.

Jamie and Dad have been working hard, chopping everything within reach with a chainsaw and setting fire to things. Blissfully happy the pair of them!

The most important part of this month was of course Abi’s 4th Birthday Party. I decided this year I was not going to be up to 2am making a cake instead I was going to plan ahead and be all organized. So didn’t happen, although I was in bed by 11pm which was nice. Instead at 10:30 when the first few people arrived the lost boy fort was still going up!

This year was a Neverland theme, that way all the fairy outfits get an outing and every boy wants to be a pirate. Abi went the other way and decided Tiger lily, the Indian Princess, was the way to go. So I spent a day trying to work out how on earth I would create that costume. In the end I threw it together and it kind of worked, although I was forced to go sleeveless as for the life of me I cannot make those. For some reason no matter how much material I use Abi always ends up with the teeniest sleeves on her outfits. Jack has to be a lost boy, although as you can see from the pictures I would say he was more caveman but you try getting a 2 year old (almost) into any outfit. I am impressed he lasted so long, although I think he overheated at out point since it was a lovely sunny day and fur doesn’t really cut it in that kind of heat!

It was great fun. We had about 18 kids charging around the garden and through the house. They all made good use of the new trampoline that went up the day before as Abi’s early birthday present. She was so excited when she realised what it was;

Mummy (to a bouncing child) Do you know what it is Abi?


Mummy: And what’s it for??

Abi: Bouncing!!

Mummy: No I meant why have you got one.

Abi: I asked for it! (More bouncing)

Mummy: I give up, Happy Birthday honey.

Jack will go it on but screams in fear every time anyone bounces which kind of defeats the purpose. He likes to be chased and will happily lie on me as Jamie bounces the pair of us together but that’s as far as he’ll go.

We had Pass the Parcel, which is only interesting to children until they get their prize and then they lose all interest which makes passing the parcel kind of hard when half the circle is busy sticking tattoos on themselves or comparing sweets. The Treasure Hunt was fab although I had to rescue half a dozen children heading down the driveway in search of treasure. And they all quickly worked out that Jamie had a few backups in his pocket so stalked him like mini hawks until he gave them up. Everyone was done and gone by 2:30 so I got to pop Jack into bed and crack open a drink and enjoy the last of the sunshine with the family. Linda and Peter closed up shop for an hour to make it for cake. Emma and Liam came beautiful dressed up! Pauline and Sharon gave Abi a heap of dresses resulting in 4 outfit changes throughout the day – you can see from the pictures how long each one lasted.

It was the best day, although Abi is slightly confused over the fact she is not quite four yet but has already had her party!

Mum and Dad left this afternoon, although even as I write this just before 11pm I know they will not be on their flights until 3am this morning – bad buying Dad. It was so nice to have them here and a little weird I think it be by myself in the house after so long. But they will be back before I know it, all in time for Christmas.

Jamie has informed me I will need to step up and help around the house, what I said cannot be repeated. Men! But I have started planting and got so excited last week when a few pea shoots appeared. In fact loads of stuff has popped up but I am pretty sure at least half of it is weeds. I am still trying to work out this whole growing stuff, basically making it up as I go along. The chickens are not helping at all, eating everything they can get their sticky beaks on and rolling in my beds. Plus you can shoo them away a thousand times and they always come back or another one nips around behind you when you are not looking. Cheeky Chickens! The chicks are finally outside in a separate pen. We tried to add them in with the others but there was wholesale attacking so I was forced to wade it and defend them. I think they are still a little small and will just get bullied to bits so we’ll have to wait a few more weeks before we can put them all in together. So one set it out in the morning and then out into the rest of the garden in the afternoon when the babies get to wander about the pen. The only downside is if you are not back before dusk all the chickens find somewhere to start roosting and you spend half an hour trying to search them out and transfer them back into their shed. Tonight we rescued them from the wood pile, under and in the trailer and in Jamie’s garage. We’re about to start our next set for the incubator and this time we are filling it, all 48 spaces. So stay tuned for chicken chaos in the next month or so. Who knows how many babies we will get! Plus it also means I will definitely have to visit Kylie and her husband up the road. They have kindly offered to let me join in their next rooster culling. Jamie has admitted he is not man enough to kill a chicken so I am stepping up to the plate, or passing out over it who knows.

So now I am going to bed, up tomorrow to start my first day without 2 extra people on hand to help me feed and dress my children. I fully expect it to take 2 hours for me to complete this simple task xxx