Last week the winter holidays began (I actually wrote summer holidays initially, still can’t the hang of this Australian season thing) which usually means everything I do with the kids stops and I end up trying to entertain children as it rains outside. But this holiday is different, Fun4Kids has come to town. I’ve been seeing the ads around and on the radio for the last month and when I went into town a week ago the roads are blocked off and the tents are going up. Every year Warrnambool hosts a high week long extravaganza for kids. It’s on 2.5 acres and boosts 2 stages, a climbing wall, softplay, a cardboard jungle, farm animal area and so much more. I dragged Jamie along as I am not sure I could cope with 2 kids for the day and we met up with Odette and Gusty and their kids. Tuesday was Dorothy the Dinosaur Day, and I think I was more excited that the kids. They also had the winners of Australia’s Got Talent on the first 2 days, Shrek, SpongeBob, The Fairies and a few others. That’s just the headliners, the rest of the day is taken up with magicians, jugglers, clowns, acrobats, in fact so much I think I would have to leave the kids behind if I want to see it all. We got there just in time to grab our spot for Dorothy. She was brilliant although Captain Feathersword was not the real one – Gusty’s little girl, Emily pointed that out and explained it was just a man playing dress up. The kids veered between open mouthed staring and slight confusion. Think maybe next year might be better for them. But it was the most fun day, even I loved it.

After Dorothy we headed to the animal section, basically filled with puppies and a few baby farm animals. The kids got to hold a few puppies and a few traumatized baby chickens. I tried to hand one back that looked it was going to collapse from nervous exhaustion but the lady just popped him back into the waiting arms of another child. After that we explored the Recycle area, and their amazing cardboard jungle, which is basically a maze made out of cardboard boxed snipped together. We lost the kids in it all for about 10 minutes but I could hear them laughing so I figured they were fine. In fact we back twice Abi loved it so much. Everything that was on offer and she loves playing with a load of old boxes.

After a stop to refuel we headed to the woodshop section. So cool. Each child got a choice of toys, mine collected a fairy house and a tractor with trailer. You get a load of wooden bits, a hammer and some nails and then attempt to bang everything together to create a masterpiece. For those without husbands or the skills required there are a dozen or so old men on hand to give you a hand or take over if it comes to that. The noise in the room is deafening and the kids got bored after 5 minutes but Jamie had a whale of a time. Then Jack started to get tired and tetchy so we moved in hyperdrive, and after you finish your creation you take it next door to paint and leave it to dry for the rest of the day. The best bit of all is that it’s included in the ticket price of $30. In fact everything is, apart from food.

While Jack napped Abi and I had our nails done for free, you could have also had an Indian head massage but we didn’t get time. Jamie then abandoned me to run errands while I stood in the queue for an hour for the facepainting. Not as bad as it seemed; Jack slept, Abi played in the cardboard maze and I cruised facebook and wrote to do lists. We finished the day in the softplay area while I knocked a hot chocolate shot. Jamie shouted us a family pizza and we all crashed out. It was the best day and Abi was desperate to go again.

For the rest of the week I foolishly asked Jamie to stay home and help sort out things around the house, so now I am missing part of my kitchen. Apparently we are waiting for parts to arrive. He also attacked the pond area, clipping and strimming everything in sight, then left it all and went to work. So that left me lugging huge bags of green waste over fields to the bonfire. How I got that job I will never no. I have also rehomed all our kittens, now we just have a little stripy boy left which Abi has chosen and unfortunately called Tinkerbell, that’s shortened to Tink in an attempt to let him keep his masculinity. My Dad arrives this week so can’t wait for that, we’ll see how Abi reacts!