This morning Jamie called me and asked me to go on an egg hunt. Apparently our chickens are not laying as many and we’ve got it down to 2 reasons. Firstly they are laying somewhere else since we let them out of their pen, or secondly the rats are stealing them. I didn’t find any eggs but then again with 20 acres I am guessing it would take a while, so instead we have laid bait and traps and we’ll see what happens. Ahhh farm life!

We have made it, and even better are pretty much unpacked. At the beginning of May our tenants told us they have taken somewhere and would be out at the beginning of June. Jamie took this as a sign to go into overload as only he can. The garden and land has completely overgrown – as you can see from the pictures. We have a pond in the front garden but as of yet the kids have not even noticed it – probably a good thing to be honest. Jack has a tendency to walk straight into water, wherever and whatever it is. Think we might have to cover it in mesh. Plus some naughty bird apparently likes to steal fish from it.

We have been back to the house a few times since the last blog, and attempted a few more things. The BBQ area was covered in a thick carpet of vines which Jamie managed to heave over the edge and slash to pieces. I was helping until I saw a rather large rat meandering over the top of the fence line – in no rush what so ever I should point out. After that I directed from up the ladder. The plan was to move in the first week of June but last Wed morning I got a call from Jamie telling me we were packing up in an hour and to get my butt in gear. So with my 2 dollar trackies we unloaded the entire garage full of stuff onto trailers and carted it out to the house. I am never moving again is all I can say. After carrying in wardrobes, sofas and chest of drawers my arms felt like falling off.

The kids were pretty good. I had to keep stopping to fish Jack out of the chicken pen, or remove kittens from his tight grasp. After a week of living with him they have a healthy survival reaction to even the sound of his voice. He likes to pick them up and kiss them but does so by holding their necks so they freeze in place. I have tried explaining to hold their bodies but it’s like talking to a brick wall.

We were back the next day and moved the beds so it was a race to get the kitchen unpacked and start to find a space for everything. Jack and Abi played all day long with their toys. Every time I unpacked something Abi would grab and exclaim – “Oh thank you Mummy, I have been looking for this everywhere!” It’s amazing how many things she has been searching for. It took about 3 days of solid unpacking but we are finally settled. It feels like home, at long last.

We were off yesterday chopping wood all day up near Hamilton. Damn I am a good wife, lugging logs into the trailer! That’s where all the red gum is which burns the longest. Since we only have one central wood burner and a fire in the living room we can’t afford to let the fire die out – it gets seriously nippy here at night, especially as our only loo is outside.

So far I have screamed at 5 spiders, one of which was a white tip. Plus there was something in the wall above my head when I went to bed last night. I am thinking a mouse. We’re pretty sure we have rats in the chicken coup as there are a few holes around the coop, and egg production has dropped. Plus one of the fake eggs to encourage them to lay is also missing, am guessing there is one pissed off rat somewhere.

The good bits are so worth it all. You can see a billion stars at night out here. We have fresh eggs every morning. The most adorable 5 kittens that Abi has apparently decided are all hers. I will leave it to Jamie to break that dream. Plus best of all we are finally in our own house at over a year of crashing at parents – which we both really appreciated it!

The next big plan is getting the rest of the garden sortded. We need to clear the veg patches and start planting. Or rather that’s Jamie’s next plan, mine is to spider bomb the outside of the house, especially as it looks like I can whistle for my indoor toilet. So we are settled and ready for visitors people. Or rather we will be after September; my parents have first dibs on visits for this winter.

Will be putting up some more photos soon xxxx