May Races was wicked fun. Not least because I got to abandon my kids at the child care centre for the day and party like I was free and single. At least until 5pm when I had to zip home to collect my gorgeous trouble monsters. But it was a great day. We had a table, I splashed out with a couple of 5 dollar bets, and much to Jamie’s fury managed to pick a 10 to 1 winner while he picked the horse that came second to last! Jamie’s parents were there, along with his Uncle and Aunt from Queensland and a few others friends. We went the next day as well with the kids, a little more chaotic. It was the main day and people were packed into the grounds in their best outfits, or rather in the last amount of clothing they could legally get away with. I was in jeans and 2 tops and still freezing.  So not sure how the girls beside me managed it in tiny dresses, no tights and no coats – not even a coat over the arm they didn’t even bother to bring one. Man I am getting old. But it was great, Abi picked a few winners  – mostly on colour of jacket. Jack spent most of his time making a run for it through the crowds or alternatively randomly grabbing at men’s legs. You can tell the ones without kids as they leapt 2 feet in the air. The ones with kids removed my son’s hand from their thighs and sent him on his way without batting an eyelid.

Since then the motel and the holiday rentals have dropped off. Last time I worked I didn’t get one phone call or email, very boring. But it means Jamie has more time to spend with us. Or rather he did until our tenants announced they had found a house and were planning to move out at the end of May. Now every spare minute is spent in Kirkstall trying to get control of that place. It’s a jungle and a half, today we discovered a pathway and a little gateway hidden behind some trees and a mass of bushes. We’ve only started on a tiny part, or rather picked the place with the most to do, but it’s slowly starting to get there. It’s going to take months but we’re both starting to get excited now. The kids have been really good, Jack tries to help, which mostly involved him waving a stick around and shouting ‘dig!’ Not sure if he is encouraging us or ordering. Abi drags a couple of small twigs around and then announces she is taking a break before sneaking off indoors to swatch playschool.

Last week when we arrived Shelley – our current tenant – told us their cat had had her kittens, only 2 days old. I waited until Jamie wasn’t looking and then snuck in to help her move them. So I got to hold 3 teeny little kittens. I bumped into Jamie as I carried them to their home and he told one look at me and said ‘We are NOT keeping them’. Don’t say anything but I have already told Abi she can choose one if she is good. I am going to be in soooo much trouble when he finds out. But they are just gorgeous bundles of fluff. Jack is very obsessed. He’s constantly sneaking into their room, sticking his head through the cage door and stroking them. So far he has been very gentle but Abi almost gave me a heart attack when she said he was holding the kittens. So I locked the door after that.

So next weekend the tenants move out and we can start cleaning -and most importantly spider bombing!! and then get ready to move in. Should be interesting, chaotic and probably a little bit of a disaster area. By that I mean take today, it started well. Then the sewage guy arrived at 4 to empty our tank. He managed to bog his truck down, and half an hour of shoving stones, boards and gravel under the wheels got us no further. So Jamie decided to try and tow him out with his lovely new Toyota Landcruiser. Only to discover that while Jack had been playing in the car he had managed to flick the switch which changes batteries in the car – we have 2 so you can apparently run a fridge as you travel and keep your food cold. He had managed to switch it to the one with no juice, so Jamie couldn’t start the car and even better couldn’t work out how to change it back. This was not helped by Jack shouting ‘uh oh’ every time Jamie failed to start the car. In the end we jumped started it, failed to tow the tank out. Instead Jamie drove the guy home to get his Dad and his tractor which managed to yank it out. By this time it was gone 5pm so we are all back tomorrow to try again 🙂

So more pictures will be coming as we move in, am going to try and get some before and after otherwise our attempts at getting it all sorted look a bit pathetic!

Abi’s latest Dream:

Abi: ‘Mummy your leg fell off, and then you picked it up and then a crocodile came’

Mummy: ‘Right, well it’s all good now’ (not entirely sure whether to be worried about the dream or the fact that it was retold in a slightly matter of fact voice

Jack’s latest talent: Calling his belly button a doodle, usually in a loud voice in a crowded place.

Abi’s latest moment of weirdness:

Abi: ‘Mummy you’re rubbish’

Mummy: ‘What, did your Daddy tell you to say that. That’s terrible, Jamie how could you? Abi why am I rubbish?’

Jamie: Lots of sniggering

Abi: ‘You talk too much Mummy’