Happy Easter to everyone, feels like a bit weird having Easter in Autumn but guess I had better get used to it. It’s been a grand Easter weekend. Jamie got 2 days off so yesterday we wandered the local markets and Jamie stumbled on an Auction. So now we are the proud owners of a second fridge freezer, a load of tools, a CD rack and another BBQ. Well you can’t really blame him for the latter, you know what Jamie is like, it’s an addiction.

It was fun and even better we got to see our house again when we dropped off the fridge. It was beautiful, the sun came out, the chickens pecking about the place, the cat waddling about pregnant – kittens!!! Our tenants have taken the house in Port Fairy so come June we will be moving into our home finally. Not sure how many trips it will take as we seem to have way more stuff then when we last lived in our own house. But I guess it will all work out.

First things first though Jamie has been ordered to spider bomb the house. I am not setting foot in it until those little wigglers are dead and gone. Then he has wisely – or maybe I should say unwisely – invested in a chain saw and is going to try and combat the overgrowth by himself – should be interesting and yes I will be documenting the outcome 

For Easter Sunday – also Jamie’s Aunt’s birthday – the girls took a 2 hour horse ride along the sand dunes, down the beach and through the wetlands. So much fun, although I had kind of forgotten how far down it was when I got off the horse, and about a foot off the floor this thought when through my head ‘Oh xxxx the ground is not there yet’. But we survived, even Pauline and Sharon who have done no riding before. Then again maybe I should say ask me again tomorrow before I give you my final comment.

May Races is around the corner, when I will kiss goodbye to a sober husband for 3 days. Then winter sets in and we’ll be busy moving house, getting Linda’s clothes shop ready, throwing baby showers (not for me) and investing in some serious hat wear for the winter wind.

 Happy Easter everyone. xxx