So Jamie took at unprecedented day off on Thursday and I bullied him into spending the morning with us at Cudgee Wildlife Park. We finally got under way after Jamie just had to nip into work for ‘a moment’. Does he think I was born yesterday? Anyway so I thought it would be a good test of everyone’s awareness skills to see if they could spot the difference between out morning out at the park and a similar one they might have taken while in the UK.

On the way there we cross a railway track; no barrier, no signal, no lights. Small sign and they have helpfully cleared back some of the trees so you can see around the bend a little way. We drive down a gravel path to the park, no other cars but us. Then suddenly 3 turn up at once, but it turns out this is the owner who just had to nip to the shops, a friend coming over for a chat and her daughter popping in. So we pay out entrance fee and get handed 2 buckets of bread and told we can feed everything bar the moneys and birds. Meanwhile Jack is bashing his fist on the window of a cage with a large pissed off snake in it. I am sure it could kill him dead but the owner is completely unbothered, pats him on the head and goes off for her natter and coffee.

So we wander about stuffing the kangaroos, wallabies, one deer, 2 emus and a wombat with bread. And the kids who apparently are so hungry they play the one for you and one for me game at every opportunity. Apart from a couple of faded signs about not feeding the monkeys there are no warnings about washing hands or being careful of sticking fingers through fences, E coli be damned, we laugh in your face at this park. So Jack take this to heart, sharing his bread with a big red kangaroo, and then shoving his fingers in its mouth at it leans through the fence to nibble at what he’s going clenched in his tiny fist. In fact I think he shoved his fingers in pretty much every animal’s mouth he could. This was coupled with hysterical laughing and more bread eating. I know kangaroos are meant to be stupider than sheep but I am quite impressed that Jack still has all 10 fingers. In fact they were impressively delicate, munching around his fingers rather than through. Abi’s not quite as brave, she’s started exhibiting that weird girly thing of high pitched screaming when she thinks things are meant to be scary. It’s becoming swiftly irritating. Plus every time I take pictures she’s in the background posing – if you want proof take a look at the pictures here.

So all in all a great morning of feeding animals, sharing E coli and watching the kids wander around hand in hand – or perhaps it was more Abi dragging Jack around by the hand.

Bizarre Conversations:

Abi: (Lots of laughing)
Me: (Driving and watching her in the mirror)What??
Abi: You are so funny Mummy (more laughter)
Me: Why?
Abi: I see your elbow all the time (More laughter)

I would like to say it’s something only her Mother would understand but I would be lying. She’s just plain weird.