So it’s been a while and I have no excuse, I am just basically lazy but life has been busy. Abi went to her first day of Kinder last Friday, I think I was more nervous than she was. If anyone remembers when I sent her to Nursery pre Jack you will remember tales of her screaming and clinging to me, and me crying and clinging to her. Jamie threatening to forbid me from coming, and general chaos. So naturally I was a touch worried when we loaded all in the car for her first day. I really should not have bothered. She was out of the door, her pink butterfly backpack on – with name tag – and gone before I could move from my seat. She ran as I dawdled in behind her. Even Jack shoved me out the way to get to the playdoh. So when it came to say goodbye, Daddy got a kiss and I got a general wave and then we were out the door without a tear. Kind of let down but it was a nice 2 hours of pottering about the house and catching up on things. Then when she come home I sat her down and asked how kinder had gone. Her response, word for word was. ‘It was nice. The boys are mean and nasty, the girls are nice. I am not going back next week’ On further probing, all I could make out was that the boys were looking at pictures and not at her, I am not sure which is more worrying that they didn’t want to play with her or that she was bothered by the lack of boy attention. But all in all a good start, although the kinder teacher did point out that she may well go mental a few weeks down the line when the novelty wears off – oh joy!

She also went to her ballet class with another 6 little girls, or should I say baby elephants. Being a ballet teacher to 3 year olds is like trying to push water up a river with a feather, hysterical funny but useless. They were practicing being dragonflies and butterfies and horses, Abi loved it but I can pretty much guarantee that you not be able to tell the difference between a dragonfly and a horse. But don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself!

So it’s been a week of firsts and it will finish with Abi’s first Australian birthday party, now I just have to go out and find some pink and girly for the birthday girl!

Jack’s newest trick: Walking backwards, a tiny bit proud and a lot more worried.
Jack’s favourite thing: Riding Daddy’s Mower and listening to the Radio on his headphones – it must be both!

Most worrying: Black Baby is missing! Fingers crossed we find her stuffed in the linen basket or something

Bizarre Conversations:

Abi: I want a bone
Me: A What?
Abi A bone
Me: A What?
Abi: A BONE – (pointing at her shoe)
Me: Oh a BOW
Abi: Yes, a Bone
Me: No, it’s BOW
Me: B-O-W
Abi: B-O-N-E
Me: No B…yes dear you can have a bone
Abi (with eye rolling and head shaking) Silly Mummy