So I’m a little late, sue me. Well Australia Day has come and gone, signalling the end of the Moyneyana Festival, School Holidays and my lazy days at the beach/park/house. Instead Abi’s social life takes off and I am going to spend the next few months ferrying her to Dance classes, Gym, Kinder and whatever else there is out there for a 3 year old. I feel like I am in a movie, somewhere inside there is a small voice going ‘Hey, what the hell is going on, last time I looked in you were at Top Banana in black furry flares and no bra.’ Ahh how life has changed!
Can you tell I love it really??! We’ve had a couple of days of blazing sun, so yesterday Jamie shockingly took some time off work – less shocking when you realise it was 5pm before he did so – and we all headed to the beach. It was bliss, Abi had a go on the boogie board – both loved and hated it, I managed one wave before they all seemed to disappear and Jack did what Jack does best, eat sand. Then we got fish and chips from the local, sat on the grass overlooking the sea and watched the sunset. Jack and Abi skipped that and basically fed seagulls and stray dogs.
No plans to move house just yet, we have told the tenants we’ve back – strangely enough they guessed after spotting us in Safeways for month after month and reading a section in the local paper about how Jamie was back to take over a business. We’re still hoping for mid year but will just have to see what happens, Jamie has been making grand plans for 30 cows on the property and Abi has started asking for a puppy. No doubt one day I will wake up and in true Jamie style will find the car loaded as he decides that this weekend is a good time to move.
Now I am off to practice, I foolishly offered to run Rhyme Time at the local library starting this month, since I can’t sing for toffee this will be interesting!