….and no that does not mean I am on the game. I have been inducted into the amazing world of the motel. Yes I am too am allowed to swipe cards, oh so nerve racking, take phone calls – using a headset! and check on the dryer to see if the laundry has finished. I then complete my night by feeding the cat, turning off the lights and locking the backdoor. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. The only down side is I don’t currently have a name badge, that bothers me.

I am rostered into work the desk Monday, Friday and Sunday nights now while Peter and Linda have the joy of bathing small monkeys and putting them to bed, or rather as last night went not putting them to bed. Which means this morning Jack was in a foul mood all day, throwing tantrums, hitting his sister, chucking himself on the floor at the drop of a hat. Such a joy children!

OMG I have just seen a news clip on a woman in America who had her child’s eyebrows waxed for a televised pageant. WTF is wrong with people! Seriously firstly who can cause their child pain, and for something so trivial. I’m the last person to rant about this, Abi loves having her toes painted and gets into her Nana’s make up at the drop of a hat. Admittedly she would not win any pageants, unless they were clown ones but who didn’t play dress up when they were little. But I draw the line way before eyebrow waxing. Shame on you woman!

Right rant done, where was I? Oh yes, I am working. Plus I even go bed making on Sunday mornings with Jamie’s business, which is good, plus pays – woo hoo. I get to nosy about houses, and imagine what it would be like to live in some of these places. And even better I get to take home anything people leave behind. That sounds worse that it is, but last week I was the proud owner of a can of coke and 5 cruises (the equivalent of breezers over here). I will keep you updated as to the exciting things I find, I know you will all be gagging for a new update, don’t pretend otherwise.

Kisses to you all, I am off to check the dryer 🙂