This is my belated New Year post, and yes I have a video of Jamie in a pig suit! But really he was great, I think he was made for that character. Scaring dogs, making children cry…no really he was great. Bouncing off the walls with energy despite his bum knee, giving kids sweets and balloons, everyone wanted a cuddle or to shake the pig’s hand. He was hit. Plus it took Abi and Jack about half the parade to work out it was Daddy, in fact when Jack first saw him he burst into tears and started screaming! I screamed after the parade when Jamie removed his costume and proceeded to try and throw his sweat soaked T shirt at me! Blahhh.
Mr Pig:
Abi played her fairy part in the parade, waving a stick – her balloon shot off somewhere near the start. She was also holding the ‘I’ in community at one point but she didn’t quite get the order to stay away from the edge and the instructions ‘Now turn’ so she relinquished her place for Nana’s lap and mad waving at the crowd.
It was a quiet New Year, Jamie and I stood outside and watched the fireworks in the street after everyone had gone to bed. And I got bitten but what must have been some seriously large mosquitoes as I look like I am smuggling juggling balls under my skin. Have purchased insect repellent and spray the kids and I now until we have almost passed out from the fumes.
Now it’s crazy time in Port Fairy, with tourists everywhere, queues at the local supermarket and shock horror I can no longer park outside the shop I wish to visit. What is the world coming to! So everyone is working like crazy while the kids and I make cookies, go watch bands on the green and get given free balloon animals but slightly weirdly dressed women. Am looking forward to the rest of Jan before holiday time is over and I am thrown back into the crazy social life my kids seem to have developed faster than me!
So here’s hoping 2011 brings you everything you need to make you happy. (And possibly a trip to Australia!)