….Well it’s not, it’s actually New Year’s Eve but this is the first moment I have had to sit down and say the words. So I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Ours was the usual Langley chaos although we did eat before 10pm at night which was impressive, although still a good hour and a half after the planned time.
The kids were spoilt rotten, as you can see from the heap of presents under the tree. Abi got her first bike and promptly left home…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WilsjBt3Rs
Jack got a little trike bike and we’re pretty confident he’s not going to get far should he decide to leave home too…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3TCHnggOes
But it was a great Christmas, the night before we made Santa cookies and put two out for the big man, plus a glass of milk and carrots. The first thing Abi did in the morning was check to see if they were still there, ‘Look Mummy, Santa ate all his cookies.’ Better yet the reindeers had a good chomp of a carrot!
We went to Church, arriving only 15mins late – for those of you who invited us to things back in the UK I hope you will be suitably impressed. Our Church is a little mad, and half way through Geoff – the minister – did a puppet show with Oprah interviewing Mary. Jack was mesmerised! So I was I to be honest. Then we hung around the motel which beds were made and rooms cleaned. Abi practising her cycling skills and turns. Jack pulling all the baubles off the decorations in reception and stealing from the small change jar. Which on a side note it is not unusual as I arrived back from Christmas shopping the week before to discover he had nicked a 2 dollar 50c angel from the $2 shop. It is on my list of things to do in the New Year, make amends for my thieving son. Then to top that Jamie joined Abi on her bike with his electric scooter, zooming up and down the motel road and decided to do a mono, you can all see where this is going can’t you. So now he is missing half the skin on his knee, a bruise all the way down his leg, walks with a limp and is completely unrepentant, apart from maybe suggesting he might be a bit old for monos on electric scooters.
The kids were great, taking an entire day to open presents, in fact Jack opened a load of his the day after as he could not stay awake any longer! And unlike like other years Jamie was on form and had in fact bought and wrapped something for me. So I am now the proud owner of a Pandora bracelet! Everyone and their dog has one over here so now I feel part of the great Australian family šŸ™‚
Christmas was beautiful and sunny, in fact the week has been great, working up to a 31 (or 41 depending on who you talk to) for today, it’s starting to break which is a good thing as the New Year Parade starts tonight and we’ll be riding around on a trunk handing out sweets and balloons. Or rather I will be handing them and the kids will be eating them. We’re joining The Bendigo Bank Community trunk as Peter – Jamie’s Dad – is running the committee for it. Plus my gorgeous husband will be dressed as a giant pig for the night, and yes there will be photos!
So Happy New Year to you all, I’ll be back with Pig Pictures in 2011!!