Well it’s been a while and I would like to say I am Miss Popular around town but I would be lying. I have no excuse for my lameness. Furthermore despite all promises from my lovely husband December is not turning out to be the scorcher that I was promised. Last week it rained 3 days straight and before you lot start bitching about snow, firstly this is meant to be my summer and secondly when I say rain I mean torrential. According to the weather guy there are places in Victoria who had their December allotment of rain in one hour last week, and I think Port Fairy was one of them. So stuck indoors with hyper children I got my Christmas spirit out and put up our tree, or rather Abi and I put up the tree, Jack spent his time yanking all the baubles off the lower branches. I am still finding the little suckers stuffed in drawers and cupboards about the house and the tree is now so top heavy it looks constantly sozzled. I have also attempted to make stockings, which despite using the same pattern for both they have somehow ended up completely different shapes. But not too bad all in all, if I could only get Abi to stop wearing hers on her foot we would be in business.
Last weekend was Abi’s gym display day. For those of you who do not know Abi goes to a mini gym class once a week, where they get all the equipment out and let the kids go crazy. So for the last few weeks they have been teaching them a little routine, which is basically a few bunny hops, climbing over mats and bouncing on trampolines to music. Very sweet. So I dragged Jamie out of work and demanded he come and watch his star of a daughter perform. She was brilliant, completely bonkers and marched to her beat of her own drum – and routine. She even spectacularly face planed at one point. Pure class. I have stuck it on youtube as I cannot work out how to add videos to this thing. So the link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXg33dcY3rY

Abi is the blond in pink doing it her way. A plus point is she now understands where the whole gym thing is leading, having watched some of the older kids and has spent the week showing me how she can hold one foot in her hands for 2 seconds and put one leg in the air behind with both hands on the ground. She’s a gold medallist in the maker I tell you!
So now I am back to my Christmas count down, with one last snowflake to sew on, a few biscuits to make and praying the postman makes it with my parcels before Christmas Eve!