Thank you for all the birthday wishes, I had a great day although nothing too exciting. We went to the park with the kids and had a BBQ lunch, accompanied by lots of thunder but only a tiny amount of rain. Then Jamie treated us all to ice cream on the way home, Abi fell asleep holding hers and refused to give it up. Then in true Langley style we had a family dinner, at 9:30 at night as it takes forever for some reason for this lot to eat. Have no idea how they managed it as we were all back by 7:30 and cooking and all we had was steak and seafood sauce. Either way it was yummy and the perfect way to round off the day.

Jamie and I headed up to Melbourne last wednesday for U2’s 360 tour which was fantastic, especially 3hr train journey without kids where I managed to read a book and write a letter. Had a great time with his brother Chris and wife Robbie, lots of bopping around and out of tune singing plus being bounced into and split beer on my drunk husband!

We’ve been hanging out at the beach and down the park the last few days as it’s been gorgeous weather – as you can see from the kids. Jack very bravely crawled into the sea, and after a few contemplative moments when the waves rolled over his hands and knees he was zooming in and out gleefully until a slightly larger wave splashed all the way up his body and he could not get out of there fast enough. Think the cold was a shock to the system! But it’s been great fun dragging them down there although it does been having to try and desand Jack before I can get a nappy back on and then having to push them home in the blazing sun while they loll around in the pushchair under their suncovers. Oh to be a child again!

Today I am finishing on my latest aussie adventure. Last weekend we were at Emma’s place for Peter’s birthday and headed home late with the kids in PJs already so Jamie could do his bin run. Basically as not all the properties have someone in every week we have to make sure the bins are out last thing sunday so they get collected. As we finished the last house and started driving home I glanced out my window and said ‘ Jamie, there’s a dog chasing a wallaby’. And bouncing all the other side of the road was a little wallaby with a chocolate brown lab in hot pursuit. They were quickly followed by Jamie as he launched himself out of the car, although I am not sure what he was planning to do as the wallaby was zig zagging in every direction and the dog almost as fast. So I am crawling along the road with my lights on trying to keep track on a dark brown wallaby, dark brown dog and husband dressed in dark blue. It was a recipe for disaster so when I lost sight of them I just sat in the middle of the road until Jamie reappeared wearing his arms and shouting ‘what are you doing, come on I need your lights’ and shot off again towards the river. The wallaby had launched itself into the river and the dog had collapsed breathless onto the side to watch. Jamie was all ready to strip and jump in afterwards but I managed to persuade him to wait and see what would happened especially as I am not sure the wallaby would make the easier thing to rescue. After 10 long minutes it finally made it across the river and hopped off to safety, just as a woman in a landrover pulled over and threw her arms around the dog. Apparently he had taken over 20 mins ago just as they were closing up for the night, and she’d left her husband in the bath to rush out after him. We bumped into her husband as we drove home running down the road – luckily having stopped to get dressed. So all’s well that ends well. A little bit of excitement on a Sunday night I am pretty sure you would not get in Purley!